It saves you money and frankly you've got important things to do.

You’ve already seen our favorite money moments from Gilmore Girls. Now it’s time to talk about how you should spend Black Friday at home gorging on Thanksgiving leftovers and watching six straight hours of new episodes…

1. Netflix is free for the first month

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According to Statistic Brain the average Black Friday shopper spent over $400 in 2015, for a total of $67.56 billion. Netflix, if you don’t have it, is free to start. And hey – there’s always cyber Monday!

2. Homemade coffee is much cheaper than any coffee you’ll find while shopping

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According to USA Today College, the average Starbucks customer is spending $1,092 per year on coffee! Think like Lorelai and spend only .10 cents per cup making it from home — or even better, get yourself a Luke!

3. You should be thankful for everything you already have

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We’re especially talking to those who only shop for themselves on Black Friday. This BuzzFeed article will give you all kinds of feels – especially the part when Jess thanked Luke for everything, including the money he gave him.

4. You’ve got student loans to pay

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You probably don’t have rich grandparents like Rory Gilmore paying for your Yale degree. “Nearly 35 percent of young adults said their parents helped with college tuition,” according to the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research. But “53 percent of grandparents are helping to fund as much as $25,000 towards their grandchildren’s college costs,” according to Fidelity Investments.

5. Because Black Friday shoppers are stupid

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From fights over parking spots at Walmart to tramplings and shootings at Kohl’s, is it really worth it? According to, Black Friday has accounted for 7 deaths and 98 injuries on record. Stay safe at home not spending money!

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