His neighbors don't like "flashy" and he fits right in.

Physician on Fire could put people to sleep in the big city and make more money. No, he’s not a hit man — he’s an anesthesiologist.

He spent about a quarter of his life in bigger cities like Pittsburgh and Minneapolis, but discovered he prefers the quiet life. “I grew up in a farming community in rural Minnesota,” says The Physician. “My wife also grew up in a small town.”

Now they live in rural Minnesota and he doesn’t miss the pace of the big cities — or the expense. “When it comes to a big expense like housing, a home comparable to ours would easily cost double in a Midwest city, and quadruple in some metro areas,” says The Physician.


Activities for his boys cost less, too. Piano lessons, sports teams, birthday parties and more. He says “living in a community with a lower median salary, the market has to settle at a lower price point.”

And he likes his neighbors’ humble viewpoint on conserving rather than spending money. When weather permits, he bikes to work. If not, “my 2007 Chevy sits between a Ford and a Dodge, or maybe a Honda,” says The Physician.

A “flashy” $80,000 sports car or Cadillac Escalade with 24-inch rims isn’t the norm in Physicianland — “they’d be met more with eye rolls than admiration.”

He also tells me “‘All hat, no cattle’ isn’t a good look in America’s heartland.” I wouldn’t know, but I believe him.

He prefers the simple life, like watching football with a cold one, tent camping and a warm campfire. It just works out that happens to be a frugal life, too.

Professionally, he also prefers things quiet. “I don’t crave the adrenaline rush of the ‘big cases’ such as open-heart surgeries like some of my colleagues,” says The Physician. “I’ll happily help you swap out your bad hip for a shiny new one, but if you need your thoracic aorta replaced under circulatory arrest, a hospital in the city is better suited.”

I’ll take his word for that, too.

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