This week: Children shouldn't be seen OR heard.

77 percent

Teenagers who believe in God, according to The Harris Poll children statistics. That’s down from 80 percent in 2014. Interestingly, 44 percent believe in ghosts, 29 percent believe in UFOs, and 25 percent believe in witches.

52 percent

Parents who “frequently avoid playing family games because it’s too stressful to find one game that everyone wants to play,” according to Nintendo. When they do agree on a game, 31 percent say the next biggest challenge is “arguing whose turn it is.”

 14 percent

Children under the age of 13 who have their very own smartphone, according to children’s content company DHX Media. Meanwhile, 29 percent of these prepubescent kids have their very own tablet.

10 percent

Teenage drivers who “have completely fallen asleep at the wheel while driving,” according to Liberty Mutual Insurance, which is yet another reason why car insurance is damn expensive for teens. Oh, and this: “56 percent of licensed teens admit to having driven when they felt too tired to drive their best.”

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