This week: International Women's Day is Wednesday. Here's how we celebrate.

$24 trillion

“Global female income in 2020.” Or in other words, how much the so-called fairer sex around the world is expected to earn three years from now, according to Frost & Sullivan consultants. “This is more than the revenue generated by the economies of either China or the United States.”

70 percent

Women who “admitted to regularly wearing the same bra every day,” according to lingerie retailer Rigby & Peller, which must depress them and their sales. It gets worse for their bottom line: “30 percent of the women surveyed own bras they’ve been wearing for over 10 years, while 5 percent admitted to owning at least one bra that was over 20 years old.”

40 percent

Mothers “who admit to wearing pajamas to drive their kids to school,” according to Van’s International Foods. Meanwhile, 17 percent “apply makeup in the car.”

32 percent

Female employees who “believe they completely understand how their work contributes to company goals,” according to BetterWorks. Men? Only 25 percent.

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