Some pro musicians are doing wedding tours between release tours. But at $7,000 a song, you have better options.

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This month, Max and Sherri Bemis — of Say Anything and Eisley, respectively — announced that their side project would be doing a wedding-only tour.

The husband and wife duo, Perma, dropped their debut album in 2013 but have been pretty quiet since then. That’s probably because the couple’s main bands each had new releases, tours, and two kids to juggle in between.

Now, Perma announced a leg of tour dates between 2017 and 2018 that will lead up to the group’s second full-length release. That means lovebirds can have the Bemises serenade them for their first dance as husband and wife.

But it’ll cost ya.

According to inquiring couples on Facebook, one song will run newlyweds $7,000. And that’s for an existing Eisley, Say Anything or Perma tune. A custom song or additional performances will cost extra.

But as Brides magazine details, that sticker price shouldn’t be too surprising.

“If the band isn’t local, you’ll be paying their travel, accommodations, and a per diem rate for meals,” Brides says. We already know Perma will be traveling, but since dates aren’t set yet, it’s hard to say what the couple’s route will look like. Other factors to consider are equipment and an audio engineer, the article points out…

We recently brought in a major duo for a wedding ceremony, and we spent more than $1,000 on extra mixers and special things the artists requested in their contract, plus a sound guy to run it all. You can’t negotiate those items because musicians are used to working with certain kinds of equipment and sound. The contract will be voided if they arrive and you don’t have the number of speakers they requested, for example. That doesn’t mean they’ll walk out on you, but they could. And that’s not a chance you should take at your wedding.

And famous or not, live music instead of a recording or DJ is always going to cost more. Costhelper Weddings says a live wedding band will cost anywhere between $1,150 to $2,200 plus additional costs like overtime fees. Wedding Paper Divas says the average cost of a wedding band is a little over $3,000.

It really boils down to what you’re shopping for. If you go for a local group or even cover band, you’re bound to pay less than a big name. User Jen21 said she paid about $15,000 for four hours of music at her wedding on Costhelper Weddings.

“We really did our research when looking for a great band for our wedding. There wasn’t one decent band for under [$]10,000, and pricing for the really outstanding bands who are in high demand were in the [$]12,500-[$]20,000 range,” she said. “We wanted an amazing party to celebrate our wedding so we did spend a good amount for a truly amazing band. It was well worth it.”

If a diehard Perma, Say Anything or Eisley fan is considering buying into this wedding tour, the price is actually pretty fair.

According to Main Stage Productions’ college and alternative rock band booking list, an Eisley set ranged in price from $5,000-$10,000 and a Say Anything set would go for $20,000. It’s unclear what year the prices were last updated, but another list of band booking costs from Priceonomics lists a Say Anything performance at $25,000 and up.

And compared to what other known bands and musicians are charging, $7,000 is actually a bargain.

When Russian billionaire Mikhail Gusteriev financed his son’s wedding, J-Lo performed for an alleged $2 million, according to Forbes.

A Los Angeles wedding planner told Forbes that “a nostalgic band like Earth, Wind & Fire may cost around $150,000 while a hip-hop artist like Snoop may get $300,000 or more for a wedding.”

So, if you’re getting married and want to do it up big, you can submit a booking inquiry here. And if that’s not going to work, you can always have the couple serenade your wedding for under $10 — by buying the CD.

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