This week: Angry, paranoid, and tired.

Animation of woman on people mover in the airport asking "Why am I here?" after reading travel statistics355 miles

What the average British traveler will walk in their lifetime — just in airports, according to Goldcar. Spanish travelers were next at 267 miles. Americans didn’t make the list, although the world’s second-longest walk is Atlanta’s airport, at 1.3 miles between the furthest terminals.

Animation of a pleased man drinking champagne and wiping his mouth59 percent

Vacationers around the world who says they prefer a vacation “where I relax and take it easy,” according to GfK. Only 35 percent prefer “an active vacation where I do or see lots of things.”

Animation of cartoon girl kicking a man's seat in front of her on an airplane37 percent

Americans who “would choose to have reclining seats banned entirely” on airline flights, according to Expedia. They hate when the person in front of them reclines their seat more than they enjoy reclining their own. Another 35 percent “would pay extra to be seated in a ‘designated quiet zone,’ should the airline offer one.”

Animation of diver jumping from extremely high platform into a pool below34.3 percent

Americans who take cruises but don’t disembark for “shore excursions,” according to Allianz. Being a paranoid nation, it’s no shock that many of them “safety concerns with the destination.” And being a lazy nation, the rest are afraid of leaving the free drinks and lack of “mobile connectivity.”

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