Our recipe breaks down the pop star's long list of friends to see whose net worths compare

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2016 was the year of the squad. And Taylor Swift’s has become the prime example — the New York Post famously called it a cult, and other media have laid out timelines for its evolution.

Last year was also the year Swift was named the world’s highest paid celebrity and musician by Forbes, pulling in $170 million. With her Apple, Keds and Coke endorsements, a chart-topping album and her highest priced tour to date (tickets averaging at $265 each), her net worth totals $250 million.

That got me curious: What’s the Swift squad worth? First, I had to figure out who is in it. For all the talk of #squadgoals, naming names is apparently not one of them. It’s pretty hard to track a precise list of members down. But if we go by her Wikia page, Swiftipedia, there are apparently 55.

And they’re not exactly b-listers.With models like Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne, plus singers including Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran and Hayley Williams, it’s a pretty nice party.

But how many Jennifer Lawrences, Lena Dunhams and Emma Stones would it take to match up to the highest-paid celebrity of 2016? We narrowed down the massive list of members and picked some of the most mainstream names. From there, we looked up the members’ estimated net worth on multiple websites (including Money Nation, The Richest, and Celebrity Net Worth), or got as close as we could when there were conflicting numbers. Here’s what we found out…


  • one Lena Dunham ($12m)
  • one Jack Antonoff ($4m)
  • one Jennifer Lawrence ($60m)
  • one Serena Williams ($150m)
  • two Emma Stones ($9m x 2)
  • one Dianna Agron ($4m)
  • one Ruby Rose ($2m)
    Add a pinch of sass and let the mixture rise for an hour.


  • one Selena Gomez ($45m)
  • all of HAIM ($28m)
  • one Ed Sheeran ($60m)
  • one Lorde ($9m)
  • one Hayley Williams ($8m)
  • one Kelly Osbourne ($15m)
  • one Dakota Johnson ($3m)
  • one Ingrid Michaelson ($2m)
    Directions: add a can of Diet Coke for flavor. 


  • one Karlie Kloss ($15m)
  • two Kellie Picklers ($1.5m x 2)
  • one Cara Delevigne ($18m)
  • one Gigi Hadid ($4m)
  • one Lily Aldridge ($15m)
  • one Sam Smith ($15m)
  • one Gwyneth Paltrow ($60m)
  • one Ellie Goulding ($10m)
  • three Amanda Seyfrieds ($10m x 3)
  • one Kate Upton ($20m)
    Directions: mix vigorously until your mixture is frothy and let it set in the refrigerator for one hour. 

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