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Named Stuart, Anna or Peter? You're more likely to have a higher home value.

Will naming your child Anne help her own a more valuable home? If your name is Peter, will you be more likely to own the most expensive home in Florida or Illinois?

According to a new study from online real estate website Zillow, both are more likely to happen on average than with other names.

Zillow’s found that in 46 states, several names — like Anne, Peter and Jane — tended to have the highest-value homes among all homeowners. The site also put together in which states names are more likely to do better than others. It’s not just Johns and Roberts either.

While we can’t all be named Stuart, check to see if your name foretells home-buying success for you.

Moniker money

Of all the names in the top 20, Stuart came out on top with an average home value of $344,022. But Stu isn’t the only one enjoying a hefty home price.

13 other names enjoy homes that are valued at over $300,000: Alison, Peter, Alexandra, Geoffrey, Marc, Salvatore, Anne, Marina, Ian, Maureen, Meredith, Claire and Gerard.

Six more names enjoy home values over $290,000: Alexander, Elena, Kristin, Lynn, Caroline and Lauren.

Anne was the most common name on the list for the most valuable homes, topping the list in 10 of the 46 states reviewed. Peter was the most common for men with the most valuable homes, leading the way in seven states.

But names aren’t just popping up a random — you’re less likely to name your child Willie if you’re in Oregon than in South Carolina. Several of the names dominated certain regions.

Anne took over the West coast as the most popular name, topping the list in California, Oregon and Washington. Women named Kristen owned the most valuable homes in Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa. Some names only popped up as the top home value in a single state, however…

  • Martha (Montana)
  • Craig (North Dakota)
  • Doris (Hawaii)
  • Katherine (Rhode Island)
  • Amy (Arkansas)
  • Phillip (Delaware)
  • Scott (Texas)
  • Alexander (New York)
  • Erin (Ohio)
  • Stephen (Louisiana)
  • Lauren (Pennsylvania)
  • Randall (Kansas)

Hope you’re taking notes for your future kids. If it’s all the same to you, might as well roll the dice in getting a higher home value, right?

Location, location, location

Besides names, some locations brought in better values for their names than others. In other words, some Larries are luckier than others.

  • Washington, D.C. homes held the highest values of all estimates with an average of $898,511. Good for Jane, the most common high value name there.
  • Hawaii came in second ($765,307), followed by California ($669,645), Virginia ($470,789), Massachusetts ($457,911) and New York ($457,011). Anne, Peter and Doris did better there than elsewhere.
  • West Virginia homes had the least value on average ($134,102), followed by Kansas ($136,561),  Indiana ($166,599), Oklahoma ($171,823) and Arkansas ($183,464).  Randall and Todd couldn’t make the most of their names there.

So what should you do? Obviously, you need to name your daughter Jane and try to get her to Washington, or at least call your son Peter and convince him the traffic in Virginia is an okay trade-off for the home value. What are parents for?

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