We can't leave, we can't stay awake.

$272 billion

“Accumulated vacation time sitting on the balance sheets of U.S. businesses this year,” according to Project: Time Off. It’s not just rank-and-file employees — “67 percent of executive and senior leaders who left vacation unused last year.”

 37 percent

“Employees across the globe are always looking for their next job opportunity,” according to the temp firm Manpower. Not surprisingly, of this group, 60 percent are millennials.

35 percent

Employees who need “at least one cup to feel productive or alert during the day,” according to Staples job statistics. When asked which tasks they can’t handle before their first cup of the day, “top answers included thinking, talking to anyone, and commuting to work.”

33 percent

Employees who regularly suffer from “falling asleep or feeling drowsy during a meeting,” according to Hilton Hotels. In addition, “productivity for the average meeting dropping around 2 p.m.”

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