This week: What we eat, how we eat it, and what we feel guilty about.

93 percent

Millennials who have breakfast foods for dinner at least once a month, according to Krusteaz. Also, “Millennials are 84 percent more likely then Gen X and Boomers to eat breakfast for lunch.”

69 percent

American adults who “agree that the best part of pie is the filling,” according to The Harris Poll. But 31 percent say “the best part is the pastry or crust.” So we really are a divided nation.

60 percent

Dog owners “who feed their pets table scraps or bites of their own food,” according to BarkHappy‘s facts about food. Interestingly, “half of these people actually feel guilty about it.”

36 percent

Americans who regularly eat dinner not at a table but “in the family or living room,” according to Angie’s List. While 57 percent do indeed eat dinner at a dinner table, “2 percent eat standing up at the kitchen counter or island.”

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