Liquor and beer have always been go to drinks, but wine has become an acquired taste.

Beer for the boys, wine for the women.

Last month, the Harris Poll asked adults (of legal drinking age) their favorite alcoholic drinks over the past decade. Overall, most liked beer more than wine or spirits, but the gender and age breakdown were interesting.

For instance, 55 percent of men prefer beer. Women don’t have a clear majority favorite, but 46 percent prefer wine.

“Many consumers will increasingly drink across all three major adult beverage categories, [but] they still have their ‘preferred’ drink type,” Nielsen VP of beverage alcohol Danny Brager said in a release. “For some, that ‘go to’ choice hasn’t changed a great deal; but for a significant percentage of those who favor wine today, they did prefer another beverage type 10 years ago.”

They say wine gets better with age, but this research suggests you appreciate it more when you get older.

  • 73 percent of wine fans were drinking it 2 years ago and 44 percent were drinking wine 10 years ago.
  • Most wine drinkers today were into liquor or beer 10 years ago, with 26 percent saying liquor was their go-to and 21 percent preferring beer.
  • 83 percent claim beer was their favorite 2 years ago, and 73 percent were drinking it 10 years ago.
  • 78 percent of liquor fans drank it 2 years ago and 63 percent were doing the same 10 years ago.

The Harris Poll didn’t mention a drink the alcohol industry said was outselling beer, wine and liquor between 2012 and 2013: an ancient honey-based drink called mead, sometimes categorized as a wine and sometimes considered a beer. Really, it should be its own thing; and a sweet alternative to anyone who isn’t set on beer, wine, or spirits.

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