This week: Drinking and dying.

65 percent

Drivers who “admit to going over the posted speed limit at least sometimes,” according to PEMCO Insurance driving statistics. Of those, 72 percent say they’re “just trying to keep up with other drivers.” But 21 percent admit “they aren’t paying attention to the posted speed limit.”

62 percent

Drivers today who “do not think they will live to see a world where all vehicles are fully autonomous,” according to Kelly Blue Book. Nor do they want them, even if they work perfectly: “51 percent prefer to have full control of their vehicle, even if it’s not as safe for other drivers.”

22 percent

The rise of drunk driving arrests during Super Bowl Sunday – by “repeat drunk drivers ordered to stay sober,” according to Alcohol Monitoring Systems. In other words, those arrested for drunk driving in the past, and under a judge’s order to stay sober, can’t resist getting wasted and getting behind the wheel during the NFL’s title game.


Traffic deaths “on any given day” between 2011 and 2015, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. New Year’s Day is the deadliest, when the average leaps to 83.

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