How fast could a hip hop artist spend down half a million dollars? If it’s up to us… pretty quickly.

In a recent Tweet, Chance The Rapper revealed that his deal with Apple Music — which allowed the streaming service to exclusively host the artist’s mixtape for two weeks — was worth $500,000.

Chance The Rapper, who we previously wrote about for his success as a streaming-driven musician, put that same mixtape, “Coloring Book,” on his SoundCloud for free streaming.

So what could the Grammy winner do with the money from a deal like that?

We had some ideas:

1. Buy enough Kit Kat bars to line end-to-end up Trump Tower in New York.

Chance The Rapper did an endorsement with Kit Kat bars where he sang the famous jingle. It seems only fair that he gets an obnoxious amount of the chocolate treats for himself. Like, enough to stack about 650 feet high.

2. Pay off less than 1 percent of Kanye West’s debt

Last year, Kanye West announced that he was $53 million in debt. Previously, Chance The Rapper declined to work on a project with Kanye. So maybe this could be a peace offering. Or, maybe he could decline to do this also.

3. Purchase enough pairs of his custom Nike Air Max 1s to outfit the entire population of Provincetown, Cape Cod, Mass.

We wouldn’t recommend it. All that sand plus $130 kicks doesn’t really seem like a good match. But the point is, he could do it. Chance The Rapper wore his pair of custom Nikes to the Grammy Awards this year. Why not let about 3,000 people share the wealth?

4. Manufacture physical copies of Coloring Book

OK, we know this would defeat the artist’s entire point. But come on, how funny would that be? According to an article about the music business by Courtney Love, recording an album costs about half a million dollars. And then manufacturing that album costs about the same. So if he really wanted to, Chance could literally take the money he made from streaming the album and put it toward not streaming the album.

5. Buy a souped-up Lamborghini

The wild part is he wouldn’t have any cash left over. The Lamborghini Aventador SV starts at around $400,000. But once you add options — ones that many standard cars in 2017 come with already, like back-up cameras — the numbers quickly stack up to about $530,000. That’s also without factoring in things like gas. Apparently, this car is a guzzler, at about 13 miles to the gallon.

Maybe the rapper should’ve done a third week with Apple Music? Or maybe it could be factored in as a business expense since hip hop artists love to rap about cool cars.

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