Who's worth more: Ashlee or Jessica Simpson? Jack or Meg White? This interactive quiz will tell you which celebrity's got more green.

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It’s the showdown of celebrity net worth.

Ever wonder who’s worth more when it comes to couples like Beyonce and Jay Z? What about a sibling rivalry matchup between Ben and Casey Affleck?

When you think about celebrity net worth, there’s a lot to factor in. Are they a legacy celeb that comes from a long line of money and fame, or did they pave their own way? What did they do this year? Win any awards? Go on any tours? Become single? Cause controversy and lose major endorsement deals? Rehab? Fall completely out of the spotlight?

We’re here to tell you who would win in this money match-up, but not without letting you take a guess first.

Try your hand at our quiz and find out if you’re pop-culture-perplexed or a celebrity news guru. Make sure to share your results on social media if you land something good.

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