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Employers are hiring friends and family for jobs

The winter holidays aren’t the only time there’s a big surge in seasonal jobs. Summer is bringing heat and hiring.

CareerBuilder says 41 percent of companies are upping their summer hires and of those, 34 percent are hiring a friend. Along with that, most new hires will get at least $10 an hour, a 5 percent jump from this time last year.

Notably, larger companies expected to make lots more hires this summer. In 2016, 31 percent of large companies — those with 500 or more employees — hired for summer. This year, that number has gone up to 45 percent. Mid-range companies are up 10 percent and small companies, with 50 or fewer employees, are up 5 percent.

But it’s not just about the company, it’s also about location. Where you live could make a big difference in job availability.

CareerBuilder says Miami has the hottest summer job market, as 66 percent of companies there are looking to hire for the season. New York is next, with 58 percent of companies on the hunt for more workers. Washington D.C. (46 percent), Los Angeles (45 percent) and Chicago (40 percent) round out the top 5.

Jobs — and pay — are on the rise

Whether you’re in a career rut, just starting out or looking for a side-gig, you’re more likely to earn more cash this year. While the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, nearly 80 percent of workers are planning to pay new hires or interns $10 an hour or more.

The CareerBuilder survey says almost 20 percent of employers plan on paying their workers $20 or more an hour.

And it comes down to the job that’s being done. While pay is up, so are certain job sectors. Due to the travel season, hospitality and retail are naturally planning to hire more than others, but that doesn’t mean they are the only ones.

The survey says engineering, information technology, and customer service are also on the rise for hiring this summer. Office support, sales, manufacturing, and banking are also looking to employ more workers. If you’re looking for a career change, you may want to consider health care.

If you’re interested in a summer job, apply now! Nearly one-third of companies will complete their hires by the end of May, while only 20 percent will get it done in June.

Although these sectors are hotter, that doesn’t mean others aren’t hiring. Babysitting and child care workers are raking in much more than minimum wage, with the national average hovering around $14 an hour. And the more available you are (and the more experience you have), the more money you can make.

As long as you’re flexible and useful, your next summer job could turn into an autumn-winter-spring gig, too. CareerBuilder says 79 percent of companies would consider summer hires for permanent positions.

If you’re browsing summer jobs to supplement your income, make sure you’re cautious of what jobs are worth the hustle and which ones you should avoid. Sometimes side-hustles take more time (and money to set up) than you can devote to it. Make sure you’re experienced, and if possible, it’s something you can easily relate to.

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