Lying on resumes isn't rare but isn't done well, either.

Everyone knows you shouldn’t lie on your resume. But apparently, many of us do it — because 58 percent of hiring managers say they’ve caught job candidates in a lie, and a third say lying has increased post-recession.

Careerbuilder polled more than 2,100 bosses and also learned which professions have “a higher rate of fibbing than others.” They are…

  • Financial services: 73 percent
  • Leisure and hospitality: 71 percent
  • Information technology: 63 percent

Finally, Careerbuilder asked hiring managers for the “most unusual lie they’ve ever caught on a resume.” Some were quite clever and hard to detect. For instance, one applicant who had the same name as his father (he was “junior”) turned in Dad’s work experience.

Others embellished in silly ways. Like the applicant who claimed to have been a construction supervisor. “The interviewer learned the bulk of his experience was in the completion of a doghouse some years prior.”

But we here at found five of the resume lies to be the dumbest, because they were outrageous and so easy to catch…

  1. Claimed to be assistant to the prime minister of a foreign country — which a simple Internet search revealed doesn’t have a prime minister.
  2. Listed three jobs over the past several years. “Upon contacting the employers, the interviewer learned that the applicant had worked at one for two days, another for one day, and not at all for the third.”
  3. Applied for a job with the company that had just fired him — listing the company under “previous employment” and saying he’d quit.
  4. Applied twice for the same job but submitted different work history each time.
  5. Claimed to have 25 years of experience — but was only 32 years old.

If you still plan to lie on your resume, you better be charming about it. Careerbuilder says 7 percent of hiring managers said they’d “be willing to overlook a lie if they liked the candidate.”

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