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There are 17,000 openings for this job

You could be making more than $100,000 a year in a high-demand job if you only became a software engineer.

Job site Glassdoor named software engineers as the 16th-best job in the country. With a $101,000 median base salary and 17,085 openings, your chances of landing a sweet gig with a hefty salary is high.

If software engineering isn’t your style, try becoming a nurse practitioner. These jobs make an average of $100,000 a year and currently have more than 15,000 jobs open right now. Of course, that’s probably going to require more school.

While these positions have the most job openings, Glassdoor named other positions as the best jobs in America.

Data scientists took the top spot. These jobs make an average of $110,000 and has a Glassdoor job score of 4.8/5. The score comes from:

  • Earning potential based on median annual base salary;
  • Job satisfaction rating;
  • Number of job openings.

Data scientists tend to like their jobs a lot, as they had an average job satisfaction rating of 4.4/5. No job in the top 5 had lower than a 4/5 in job satisfaction.

“This report reinforces that the best jobs are highly-skilled and are staying ahead of the growing trend toward workplace automation,” says Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist. “Nearly half the list is comprised of jobs within the fast-growing technology, health care, and finance industries.”

Aside from data scientists taking the top spot, the rest of the top 5 best jobs are: dev ops engineer; data engineer, tax manager, and analytics manager. All jobs have thousands of open positions right now.

Now is the time to make your career move

There are plenty of job openings. Whether you’re looking at the long list from Glassdoor or others, companies are hiring. This year you can expect higher wages and more full-time work for if you’ve been stuck in part-time or temporary gigs. Keep a lookout for major technology jobs for the biggest pay bumps, but also healthcare and sales.

If you keep looking for a new job but can’t find one in your industry or that’s asking for your skill set, try boosting your skills! Don’t apply for a job you’re not qualified for. Take some extra classes, get certifications, and boost your chances of getting a higher-paying job. People are needed, but lack of knowledge, education, and skills are holding them back.

“In particular for tech jobs, companies across all industries are hiring workers for these needed positions, including employers in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail and more,” Chamberlain says. “Any organization today with a mobile app, web presence or digitized data are struggling to fill jobs like data scientists, software engineers and mobile developers.”

While money may not be the only thing that will give you a motive for a career shift, it is high up there. Salary is the most sought-after reason, and benefits are up there, too. But it turns out a lot of employees — more than half — want a fun place to work. It makes sense: if you love your job and the work you do every day, you’ll be a better worker, leaving the door open for more career advances, better benefits, and, of course, more money.

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