The ultimate stocking stuffer this year: more jobs and better pay.

‘Tis a better season than last when it comes to job hunting, particularly if you’re looking for a job that lasts beyond the holidays and a paycheck that can cover more than a cup of eggnog.

The latest jobs forecast from CareerBuilder indicates that the number of businesses looking to hire full-time, permanent employees in the last quarter of 2017 is up 10 percent over the same time last year. And 73 percent of those hiring plan to increase salaries.

The uptick over last year isn’t as big when it comes to hiring seasonal workers — but those that plan to hire for the season also expect to pay more. Those who intend to hand out raises include 66 percent of retailers that said they intend to pay $10 or more per hour. That’s a significant jump from 43 percent two years ago.

More of those seasonal workers are likely to see their jobs turn into full-time gigs, according to the survey of more than 2,200 hiring managers and human resource professionals, as well as 3,600 workers.

“One of the most telling trends from our research is the fact that many employers are willing to increase pay for both permanent and seasonal staff,” CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson says. “This speaks to the sharpening competitive dynamic among employers that we have seen throughout 2017.”

The seasonal forecast fits neatly into CareerBuilder’s five-year outlook, which projected more than 8 million jobs will be added to the market from 2017 to 2022, with the biggest growth at the low and high ends of the wage spectrum.

More workers, about one in five,  are looking for a seasonal job than last year, according to the report.

Where should they be looking? Customer service is the hottest job of the holiday season. Also in the top five: accounting or finance, administrative/clerical support, technology and shipping and delivery.

What’s not so hot? Marketing.

Elves, er,  gift wrapping,  landed in the middle of the pack.

Not only is hiring a seasonal thing, it’s a regional one, with more employers offering permanent jobs in the West (49 percent) and South (45 percent) than in the Northeast (41 percent)  and Midwest (34 percent) — all improvements over the same quarter last year.  When it comes to seasonal hiring, the Northeast and Midwest not only trail those other regions but opportunities there appear to be slightly fewer than last year.

According to the survey, flexibility particularly when it comes to shifts is key to landing the seasonal job. Employers listed these as their top turn-offs…

  • Unwilling to work certain hours – 46 percent
  • Doesn’t take the interview seriously – 42 percent
  • Is not enthusiastic – 40 percent
  • Too casual or unprofessional – 38 percent
  • Knows nothing about the company or products – 30 percent
  • Seems more interested in the discount than the opportunity – 29 percent

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