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Employees dish on the weirdest gifts they’ve ever gotten at work

If you’re planning on giving your work peers some presents this holiday season, maybe stay away from two left-handed gloves and a jar of gravy.

Those are some of the most unusual gifts that employees have gotten from co-workers, according to a survey from CareerBuilder. Others include a real stuffed duck, toilet paper that looked like money, and a whip.

Most managers and employees agree that office gift-giving is mostly cool, but some workers have vastly different ideas on what appropriate gifts are. Among the strangest gifts, CareerBuilder lists no shortage of head-tilting options:

  • Two left-handed gloves
  • Coconut bra
  • Jar of gravy
  • A fake lottery ticket
  • A real stuffed duck
  • Toilet paper that looked like money
  • Post-it Notes
  • Dish detergent
  • A pen holder that looks like a crime scene victim
  • A comic book of an obscure movie
  • A handmade ornament for a sports team the recipient had never heard of
  • A singing chicken
  • A whip

It looks like the unusual office present selections isn’t anything new, but luckily, CareerBuilder says neutral gifts like gift cards and candy are still most selections among co-workers.

It’s not just presents that are weird

According to the CareerBuilder survey, nearly 70 percent of employers plan on throwing a holiday party this year, which is less than some other surveys but still quite a bit.

It’s nice to give your employees a time and place to de-stress, let loose, and appreciate them. There are some people who may take it a bit further than they should. With most office parties rewarding their workers with free booze, employees who consume too much alcohol will be one of the biggest offenses that are committed at the holiday party. The likelihood that an employee will offend a co-worker, flirt with one, or maybe something worse goes up the more alcohol that’s consumed.

It’s not just employees that are getting a little too weird for the office at the holiday party this year. Bosses are susceptible to embarrassing themselves, too. Sure, bosses want to take it easy at the holiday party just like the next worker, but their bosses are saying that managers have gone too far at the end-of-the-year parties, including: throwing food; sleeping under tables; cursing; and evening resigning.

If you’re a manager and would rather not embarrass yourself at the party this year, you may be thinking about skipping it. Unfortunately, big bosses say that not showing up is one of the biggest gaffs that bosses made during the holiday party. Other gaffs include: sitting in a corner and ignoring everyone; bringing up confidential information; and bashing co-workers.

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