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Dudes top the list of most overpaid, least respected celebrities

LeBron James is only 31 years old and the 11th-highest paid celebrity in the world. This year he’s expected to make $23 million from his salary with the Cleveland Cavaliers, plus another $54 million in endorsements. He’s raking in the cash, but Americans don’t think he’s worthy.

LeBron James is the most overpaid celebrity, according to new research from SurveyMonkey, and dudes take the other top slots with national radio host Rush Limbaugh coming in second and talk show host Phil McGraw No. 3. It isn’t until spot four where a woman shows up: Taylor Swift.

Last month, Forbes released a list of the highest-paid celebrities and now SurveyMonkey has polled Internet users for what they think about celebrities beyond their income. The pollster asked about who we respect, who’s got talent, who is doing good for the world, who makes way too much money, and a lot more.

It turns out Americans aren’t a fan of shock jocks, either, as Limbaugh also landed himself as the least-respected celebrity and Howard Stern got second place. Phil McGraw came in third, while Madonna and LeBron James round out the top 5.

America loves the ladies

According to the survey, daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is the most respected celebrity, and also the one who contributes the most to society. DeGeneres was also voted as the most business-savvy and the No. 1 person Americans would like to trade lives with for a day. Forbes says she’s set to make $75 million this year, mostly from her TV show. The 58-year-old gets 3.6 million daily viewers but her mobile game, Head’s Up!, is wildly successful, with 25.5 million downloads since it was released three years ago.

Taylor Swift topped the Forbes list with a net worth of $170 million. But out of 100 celebrity entertainers, Swift is only one of 15 women to make the entire list. She and Adele are the only women in the top 10. But her earnings don’t stop at money: SurveyMonkey says Americans put Swift as the most attractive celebrity, with the best social media presence and the best overall brand.

When it comes to overall value, women rule again, with DeGeneres taking the top spot followed by Swift. The Rolling Stones took third while Adele and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took fourth and fifth.

When it comes to smarts, women are holding rank as well. Both DeGeneres and Swift took the top spots, respectively, for the most business savvy, and switched rankings for the top spots in overall brand. When it comes to talent, Adele takes the top spot, followed by Swift, who tied with LeBron James. Apparently you can be incredibly talented and incredibly overpaid.

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Kim K is killing it

Forbes ranked Kim Kardashian as number 42 on the list of highest-paid celebrities, but among her media personality peers, Americans say she’s the most overpaid and least-respected. But she probably doesn’t care because she’s making a ton of money.

The majority of Kardashian’s $51 million comes from her reality TV show and her mobile apps. Forbes says Kim Kardashian: Hollywood brought in $71.8 million last year and 40 percent of her paycheck comes from that game. SurveyMonkey says among other celeb apps, the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app has some of the most active monthly users, with just over 951,000. Only DeGeneres’s Head’s Up! is higher, with more than 1 million monthly active users.

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