It's Administrative Professionals Day. If you're not already one, here's the latest on how to become one.

If you already know today is Administrative Professionals Day, it’s probably because you’re an administrative professional — or you’re a boss whose administrative professional reminded you.

What started in 1952 as National Secretaries Day was officially changed in 2000, and not just to be politically correct. The job is much more intense than the old stereotypes of typing and taking dictation.

“Our clients are running their businesses with leaner teams, and they are asking more from their administrative talent,” said Jorge Perez, a senior vice president with Manpower, a temp agency that places adminsitrative assistants.

Survey Says…

In honor of this day, Manpower surveyed more than 500 bosses around the country and found…

  • “98 percent see the best admins differently than five to 10 years ago, citing increased tech-savviness and strategic thinking.”
  • “71 percent view administrative assistants as integral team members/leaders.”
  • “85 percent agree that it would not be easy to find a good administrative assistant if they needed to hire one.”

That last point is good news for anyone considering the profession. It’s all about supply and demand, and according to, the median salary for administrative assistant is just over $37,000. Best of all, says it requires only a high school degree, which means no burdensome college loans.

So what will you do all day? Manpower’s survey reveals, “Employers say a contemporary administrative assistant’s role includes presentation assembly (63 percent), client communication (59 percent), vendor management (49 percent), metrics reporting (40 percent), and team engagement (40 percent).”

And jobs are definitely out there. Start with the job openings posted by the International Association of Administrative Professionals. The IAAP is the trade group for administrative pros. It’s a nonprofit that started in 1942 art the National Secretaries Association. Also check out its list of job descriptions, ranging from executive assistant to logistics coordinator to customer service manager.

While it’ll be too late for this year, one perk of the job will be soaking your boss for great gifts on this day next year.


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