The lesson from recent studies: If you don't take some vacation, you'll get sick and die.

Last Friday was Employee Appreciation Day. April 22 is Administrative Professionals Day. Since we’re in between recognition for all your hard work, let’s check some recent workplace stats you might not fully appreciate…

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$52.4 billion

How much all the unused vacation days are worth in this country every year, according to work researchers Project: Time Off.

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35 billion

How many” sick days” are taken worldwide each year, according to the Vicks Global Survey. Another astonishing number: “The average person spends an astonishing three years of his/her life with a cold.”

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How many Americans die each year from “workplace stress,” defined as “long hours, job insecurity and lack of work-life balance.” That’s according to a pair of Stanford professors who also say workplace stress “accounts for up to $190 billion in health care costs.” How much is $190 billion? It’s the value of Facebook.

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86 percent

Human Resource managers who feel “it’s at least somewhat acceptable to have a messy desk at work,” according to Robert Half staffing services. Only 32 percent said it’s “not OK,” while 9 percent went so far as to say, “It’s the sign of a creative person.”

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1 percent

The increase in “the number of women in senior management roles in the United States” — over the past decade. That’s according to tax advisers Grant Thornton, which also compiled global stats. The result: Everywhere but here, the number was 3 percent.

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