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Turn what you buy online into free airline milesIn The Media Link

You can use credit card points to help you earn free travel miles, but that’s not the only way to rack them up.

Are we laying up in store for the bad times?In The Media Link

Unemployment in Utah just fell to 3 percent, which is just a little better than the national rate of 3.8 percent. Billboards aimed at business owners are popping up along the Wasatch Front. They offer to help companies hire the right kind of employee in an age when almost no one with qualifications is looking for a job.

Predicting The Future Of DebtIn The Media Link

Futurists love to muse about the future of making money, but what about the future of not making money? Here’s what’s Chairman Howard Dvorkin, CPA things will happen by 2050.

Most Americans Remain Unaware of This Debt-Erasing Credit Card Trick: ReportIn The Media Link

A survey by also reveals how consumers set themselves up for financial heartbreak with their credit card habits. Helps Consumers Tackle Their Biggest Financial RegretsIn The Media Link

When you think about your financial history, is there anything in your past—or your present—that makes you cringe? If so, you’re not alone. When the experts at surveyed 1,300 consumers earlier this year, financial regret emerged as a common theme. In fact, a full 44 percent of respondents regretted running up or maxing out their credit card balances and hurting their credit score.

Here Is The Average Student Debt Burden In Each StateIn The Media Link

This interactive map, built by, a personal finance website, displays data by state on the average student debt load of graduating seniors from colleges in each state (so if an Arizona resident attended college in California, her debt statistics would be included in California’s averages). Darker shades of blue imply larger student loan burdens, while lighter shades imply smaller burdens.

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Good News: Your Credit Score Might Just Get a Bump In the Right DirectionIn The Media Link

Being a successful entrepreneur can mean enduring insults from competitors and even lies from jealous peers.

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Did Your Bad Credit Score Just Go Up? Here’s Why.In The Media Link

New rules from three major credit bureaus mean rising scores for millions of US consumers.

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A ‘Week-Day Hack’ That Makes It Look Like You Work Long HoursIn The Media Link

As we approach the midpoint of 2017, one topic has consumed the entrepreneurial world this year: sleep.

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15 Tips for Improving Bad CreditIn The Media Link

If you have bad credit, or you know someone with bad credit …

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