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Find the answers you need if you’re facing harassing debt collectors.

Welcome to our comprehensive debt collection FAQ

Debt collection isn’t one of those things you learn about in school. It’s probably not a topic your parents covered when you were a kid, because they didn’t want to think you’d end up struggling.

But delinquent debt happens, and whether you’re in trouble because you lost your job, had a health crisis or just made dumb purchasing decisions, it doesn’t matter – you need to know how to move forward.

With that in mind, has asked our experts to answer the top debt collection questions that they hear. We’ve brought expert advice and insight into one place. Below you can find valuable information that can help you understand collections and collector harassment.

If you’re struggling with past-due debt or charge-offs, can help you find solutions to regain control, as well as deal with any threatening or abusive treatment that you may have received from collectors. Call us today or complete the form to the right to get started.

Can Debt Collectors Call Friends or Family?

Can debt collectors call your parents?
The last thing you want to do when you’re having problems with debt is to advertise that fact to the world. But what happens when your debt collectors decide to advertise it for you? We break it down to help you understand how and when collectors can contact friends and family about your debt.

Can Debt Collectors Call at Work or to Your Employer?

Collection calls at work are stressful
Problems at home can follow you to work– especially if those problems stem from debt. Learn how to address a debt collector when they decide to call you while you’re at work. We also help you understand what kind of contact collectors can have with your employer and HR department.
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