Tyler Fordham

Tyler Fordham

Tyler Fordham is a self-proclaimed personal finance geek who learned about managing money the hard way. After graduating college she had a credit score in the 600s, thousands of dollars in credit card and student loan debt, and collections knocking on her door. Today, her credit score sits at a healthy 800 as she works towards the next phase in her financial journey: homeownership.

Need student debt relief? Discover 5 options that can help get rid of it

Compare Student Loan Debt Relief Solutions

Student loan debt is at an all-time high. It’s become the second-highest source of consumer debt (mortgage debt is number one) and is a tremendous burden on 45 million U.S. borrowers. It’s not surprising that getting out of student loan debt is a high priority for many Americans. Fortunately, there are multiple student loan debt […]

Signing a debt settlement in red ink

Credit Card Debt Settlement

If you can’t afford to pay back everything you charged, even with consolidation, debt settlement offers a fast and easy way to get out of debt for a percentage of what you owe. Learn how it works and how to decide if it’s the right solution for you.