Marwan Noorani

Marwan Noorani



Marwan Noorani began his professional career as an editor while attending Florida International University, where he was an editor for an on-campus creative writing magazine called Gulfstream Magazine.


Born and raised in Dubai, Noorani sought to further enhance his education by moving to the US. After graduating with a double degree in English Literature and Broadcast Journalism, Noorani went on to seek a master’s degree in Marketing.


As SEO Copywriter of, Noorani finds creative ways of aiding those in need of tips and tricks when it comes to credit card, student loans, and various other forms of debt.

Minimum payments warning shown on cardholder agreement

Escaping a Credit Card Minimum Payment Trap

Paying the minimum on your balances may be why your payments aren’t getting you anywhere. That’s because minimum payments are really designed to keep people in debt. Understand how credit card minimum payments work and learn how to avoid minimum payment traps.

Hand of a man rearranges word blocks to spell out credit limit

Higher Credit Limits Could Mean Higher Credit Card Debt

At the start of the pandemic, many credit users were shocked to realize that their credit scores had dropped without warning. The drops had nothing to do with how they were managing their credit card debt. Instead, they were caused by credit card companies decreasing customers’ credit limits without notice. The practice is more common […]

Fraud alert notification seen through graphic display on a laptop

When to Use a Fraud Alert

Fraud alerts can help prevent people from opening accounts in your name. This guide helps you understand the types of fraud alerts that you can set and what each one does to help prevent identity theft.

African American couple sitting down and signing an auto loan with their dealer at the dealership

The Ins and Outs of Auto Loans

Learn the tricks of the auto loan trade while familiarizing yourself with auto loan lingo to aid your loan negotiations. Find out how to make out with the best loan and repayment plan.

Low shot of new cars on a dealership lot

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

There are better times of the month and year to buy a car. Discover what they are so you have an edge to negotiate a better deal on your auto loan.

Small group gathering together for a startup

How to Start a Small Business on the Right Financial Foot

We are often asked if starting a small business can be achieved if the owner has the weight of personal debt weighing heavy on their shoulders. Should one dive deeper into debt to start a business that could be their means to climb out of it? Or should they pay off their debts first before […]

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