Michelle Bryan

Michelle Bryan

Before Michelle began writing about how to save money, she made money as a successful real estate investor and also worked as an Organic Foods reporter and opinion columnist. She is an expert in corporate brand management, so she understands how advertisers try to separate you from your money. Her work has appeared on sites as diverse as Forbes, NBC News, Huffington Post, Yahoo, GoBankingRates, U.S. News and World Report, City Pulse, Newsday, On Call and more… When she isn’t trying to get people out of debt, she’s trying to get them to travel frugal and eat organic and cheap – the Arizona State University journalism major writes passionately on the topic. She attended the prestigious Walter Cronkite School of Communication and Journalism with a major in Mass Communication and Media.

Couple is happy to discover their credit card reward points

Are You Forgetting All Your Credit Card Reward Points?

December 8, 2017

Many Americans are letting valuable points go to waste.

The secret to retirement saving

The Secrets Of Successful Retirement Savers

December 7, 2017

How have they socked away so much money?

Financial planning with an adviser about work 401ks

Most Americans have a 401(k) Retirement Plan at Work

December 5, 2017

Unfortunately, most don’t know enough to take advantage of it.

Renter’s Dilemma: Can’t Afford To Stay, Move, Or Buy

December 4, 2017

What can you do? Mostly just this: Live further away.

Time to think about retirement savings: Stacks of coins lead up to a retirement savings jar with an alarm clock

Older Isn’t Always Wiser: What The Next Round Of Retirees Don’t Know

December 1, 2017

You’ll probably spend more than you think and save less than you expect.

A dancing newlywed couple shows the secret to a happy marriage is keeping money separate

Married Or Single: Who Does Better Financially?

November 28, 2017

It often comes down to one factor.

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Debt.com’s Cheap, Lazy & AMAZING Holiday Gift Guide

November 22, 2017

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A baby boomer man stands at a sunny window contemplating his retirement plans

Long-Term Care With Short-Term Finances? A Disaster For The Ages

November 20, 2017

We want to take care of our elderly family members. But we don’t want to talk about it.

Seasonal Jobs Become Permanent

More Seasonal Jobs Will Become Permanent, Pay Better

November 6, 2017

The ultimate stocking stuffer this year: more jobs and better pay.

Businesses try to reward employees with Martin Luther King Day off, but for many it means time to focus on their side hustle

Where Is The Best Place To Learn About Money?

November 2, 2017

Apparently, it’s the same place where we make it.

Skeletons stealing money out of your bank? These real debt horror stories are worse

Money on the Street Interviews: What are Your Debt Horror Stories?

October 27, 2017

The Witch of Debt hits the street to ask people about their money nightmares and other tales of financial woe.

Americans are buying homes to save money.

Americans Want To Buy A House So They Can Save Money

October 24, 2017

But many aren’t buying a house — because they can’t save the money.

Haunted house for sale (illustrated)

Haunted Houses Are Hunted Houses

October 19, 2017

The housing market is so tight, even haunted houses are desirable.

Christmas stockings hung up on a palm tree in July

Holiday Shopping Will Start Earlier Than Ever. You’ll Never Guess Why

October 18, 2017

And Black Friday will last two weeks, all because of you.

Credit Scores Are on the Rise, But Having One Isn’t Key to Financial Bliss

October 12, 2017

You can still be in massive credit card debt.

Pinky swear that you won't hide money from your significant other and commit financial infidelity

Money on the Street Interviews: Is Financial Infidelity Just as Bad as Cheating?

October 5, 2017

If you’re hiding money or debt from a significant other, it still breeds mistrust in your relationship.

Housing bubble 2017 is going to pop soon

We’re Not Sure If We’re In A Housing Bubble

September 28, 2017

And it’s making us nervous about buying property

This couple is not revealing debt on a first date, which is probably why they're smiling

How Far Should You Go (Revealing Debt) On Your First Date?

September 28, 2017

It could be vital to compatibility, but best not reveal too much too soon

three women sit on a couch drinking and laughing about the costs of weddings (illustrated)

The Hangover You Didn’t Expect From The Bachelor Party

September 22, 2017

Or how too many wedding invitations can sideline home ownership

A woman drawing with markers shows how to work side hustles

A Portrait Of America’s Side Hustlers

September 15, 2017

Surprisingly, income level doesn’t determine who has a side gig

older businesswoman mentoring middle aged woman about retirement planning

What Women Don’t Know May Hurt Them In Retirement

August 25, 2017

At least they know who to ask for help.

Generation X Logo

Generation X Is Stuck in a Tight Spot

August 23, 2017

But their growing debt apathy may have payoffs for all

Start saving for homeownership, retirement and emergencies.

Homeownership Considered Best Path To Longterm Savings

August 10, 2017

The rub? More than half of Americans worry they can’t afford it

Searching for Gen Xers on the Internet.

Gen Xers Have Owned Homes Longer — Yet Owe Slightly Less Than Millennials

August 10, 2017

Because of the recession, Gen Xers are still struggling to pay off the majority of their mortgages — and are falling behind older and younger generations in the process.

Woman sits at her laptop by a window wondering are credit cards bad or not

Money on the Street Interviews: Are Credit Cards Bad or Good?

August 9, 2017

When it comes to credit cards, even good answers have bad elements lying just beneath the surface.

Perspectives on how the student loan debt in America stacks up

Money on the Street Interviews: What’s Your Opinion of Student Loan Debt in America?

July 13, 2017

Half-clothed beachgoers give some very serious answers about their thoughts on federal student loans and the debt they cause.

Student loan debt crisis leaves millions strapped for cash

Man on the Street: What’s Your Take on the Student Loan Debt Crisis?

May 18, 2017

We hit the streets to ask people about the student debt crisis and how they hope President Trump may take action to provide relief.

Cheap Eats USA map

Cheap Eats Nation

January 1, 2017

Maybe seven really is a lucky number, or at least according to Hopper Research whose data team is predicting that this summer flights will be the cheapest they’ve been in seven years. What does this mean for Americans ready to travel? Well, there is a lot more you can afford to see and even more […]

Ryan Lochte kissing Kayla’s baby bump

How to Have A Debt-Free Baby

December 15, 2016

Ryan Lochte’s fiancee is pregnant. How is the money-savvy couple handling it?

cast of Gilmore girls

5 Reasons to Skip Black Friday Shopping and Binge Watch the Gilmore Girls Revival

November 23, 2016

It saves you money and frankly you’ve got important things to do.

Which “Pretty Little Liars” Character are you?

June 23, 2016

Which Pretty Little Liar handles money like you do?

Cheap Thrills for the Whole Family

June 22, 2016

Check out our favorite cities to visit in the U.S. to keep it frugal without sacrificing on fun!