Kira Rosemarie

Kira Rosemarie

Kira is a writer and illustrator specializing in personal finance. She holds a degree in studio art from Indiana University and is finishing up her MBA from Nova Southeastern University.

She’s worked with since 2018 and is a certified debt management professional.

Discover the value of auto loan refinancing

How to Refinance a Car Loan

Refinancing your auto loan can reduce your interest rate to save you money and lower your monthly payments. This guide helps you understand how refinancing works and how to weigh the pros and cons before you apply.

small business bankruptcy; white man and woman discussing business finances with aprons on in a cafe

Small Business Bankruptcy

If you’re struggling financially, it may be time to consider business bankruptcy. Learn about the different types and how to protect your assets.

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How Much Mortgage Can I Afford?

A lot goes into determining how large of a monthly payment you can actually afford. Find out which factors can help and which can hold you back.

adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Guide

An adjustable-rate mortgage could save you money. Or, it could cost you much more than its fixed-rate counterpart. Is it right for you?

fixed rate mortgage guide; money, gavel, and magnifying glass on top of mortgage papers

Fixed-Rate Mortgage Guide

With a fixed-rate mortgage, your interest rate will always be the same. But is that always a good thing? Learn the pros and cons of fixed rates.

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