Kira Rosemarie

Kira Rosemarie

Kira is a writer and illustrator specializing in personal finance. She holds a degree in studio art from Indiana University and is finishing up her MBA from Nova Southeastern University.

She’s worked with since 2018 and is a certified debt management professional.

Graduate Piggy Bank

The Fresh Start Program

The U.S. Department of Education has a temporary program to help borrowers with federal student loans in default. Learn what it is, how it works, and why everyone with defaulted student loans should enroll immediately.

Student loan repayment sign, notepads, calculator and cash.

Saving on a Valuable Education “SAVE” Repayment Plan

The Saving on a Valuable Education or SAVE plan is the newest repayment plan offered by the Department of Education for federal student loans. It’s also the most affordable payment plan ever made, estimated to qualify over 1 million borrowers for $0 monthly payments and to cut monthly payments in half for everyone else. SAVE […]

Filing for banckruptcy for your small business

Small Business Bankruptcy

Especially now, as the pandemic causes more and more businesses to struggle financially, small business bankruptcy is becoming a likely path for many owners. Contrary to popular belief, bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily mean your business must close. In fact, certain types of bankruptcy can actually help your business stay open. This page will answer your questions […]

chapter 12 bankruptcy family farmers and family fishermen

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

Chapter 12 bankruptcy was created specifically for family farming and fishing operations. As the pandemic raged in early 2020, the number of Chapter 12 filings actually went down because of protections implemented by the CARES Act.[1] However, these protections are expiring. The number of filings is increasing again, and since restaurants are struggling, their suppliers […]

bankruptcy discharge and nondischargeable debt; bankruptcy lawyer shaking client's hand

Bankruptcy Discharge and Nondischargeable Debt

Filing for bankruptcy can sometimes be the best way to move on from large amounts of debt. You can hit the financial reset button and get a fresh start. However, only certain debts can be discharged. Others are nondischargeable, and you will still be on the hook for paying them. Knowing which debts you can […]

With the Joe Biden student loan forgiveness plan, put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket each month.

Am I Eligible for the Joe Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Plan?

It’s been months of “will he, won’t he,” but we finally have an answer: there will be some post-COVID student loan forgiveness as championed by the Biden administration. Key Takeaways Automatic debt relief through the Joe Biden student loan forgiveness plan is not guaranteed – you need to apply for it. Borrowers with federal student […]

Piggy bank with a graduation cap on symbolizing managing student loan debt while you're enrolled in school

Managing Student Loans While You Attend School

After graduating with their BA, 70 percent of students have education debt. But it’s not just the grads who have to worry about managing what they owe. Currently-enrolled students are worrying more and more about the debt they’re racking up for the sake of education and job prospects. If you’re one of these students, then […]

Piggy bank in graduation cap on a desk with a calculator signifying the calculation for an income share agreement

What are Income Share Agreements (ISAs)?

Income share agreements (ISAs) are touted as a smart alternative to student loans. But you’re still borrowing money to pay for school and it could end up costing more. Learn why ISAs can be riskier than student loans.

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