Joe Valinho

Joe Valinho

My name is Joe Valinho (President) and I built Justice Tax, LLC on one guiding principle – Justice for ALL taxpayers. Every day countless Americans who are worried and stressed ask our team of Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and CPAs if we would fight for them. With $2.2 billion of back taxes solved and over 20,000 taxpayers helped, our answer is always “Yes” to getting the justice they deserve, and we can do the same for you and your family. Keeping with our founding fathers, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” we created the Client Bill of Rights, ensuring that you receive RESPECT, while we navigate through the collection process. We will work countless hours to provide you FREEDOM from the IRS, and finally the Peace of Mind you deserve. We are on a mission to bring Truth, Justice, and Liberty for All taxpayers. Let us help you.

If my spouse owes back taxes, am I liable?

If My Spouse Owes Back Taxes Am I Liable?

Whether you are currently married, separated, or divorced, if the filing status you used was married filing joint, then both of you could be held liable for the tax debt. In the case of a married-filing-joint tax return, both spouses are responsible for the tax debt (including penalties, interest, or additions to tax) arising, even […]

A business owner in a partnership fills out IRS form 1040 and 1065 for his small business taxes

Small Business Taxes – All You Need to Know

Filing taxes as a small business owner can easily lead to issues with the IRS. This guide walks you through the five types of business taxes you need to cover and how to file small business taxes to avoid those potential issues.

Taxes for gig workers are generally completed using IRS form 1040 as this independent contractor is doing

Taxes for Gig Workers and Independent Contractors

Filing taxes as a gig worker can lead to issues with back taxes. This guide teaches you how to file taxes as a gig worker to avoid issues with the IRS and get the most out of specialized deductions and credits.