Gregory Cox

Gregory Cox

Gregory Cox is a multimedia freelance journalist working out of Seattle. He worked as a breaking news intern for the Palm Beach Post and later as an intern for the Palm Beach Daily News. He formerly worked as managing editor of the FAU student newspaper, where he covered the school’s Student Government.

Money stress can be caused by an empty wallet

Millennials’ Financial Habits Are Making Them Ill

September 29, 2017

And they’re more stressed about money than their parents and grandparents

A man carefully holds a tiny house in his hands because he knows housing is a good long-term investment

Housing is Still Americans’ Favorite Long-Term Investment

September 13, 2017

People say sinking money into the housing market is the safest way to shore up cash, but is it?

A man charts job growth numbers with a magic marker

Job Growth Looks Good For the Next 5 Years

September 11, 2017

Just not for the middle class.

Homeownership is Not the American Dream.

Is Homeownership No Longer the American Dream?

September 8, 2017

More Americans are reconsidering whether they should own their house.

A man trying to crawl out of the financial hole he's gotten himself into

Americans Are Crawling out of Their Financial Hole

September 7, 2017

Job market gains and a decrease in inflation are playing a huge role in growth

Hispanics mad about their credit score.

Hispanics Are Mad About Their Credit

September 4, 2017

But they’re looking to change that by improving their credit scores

Millennials are buying homes.

Millennials Want to Buy Homes

August 28, 2017

And understand they need credit to buy them, even if it might mean fewer lattes

Woman asking for direct business payment.

Pay Me and Don’t Ask Questions

August 22, 2017

People don’t want to negotiate salary based on their previous pay

Data breaches are constantly in your face, as they now occur 4 times per day in the U.S.

Data Breaches in the U.S. Happen Four Times a Day

August 18, 2017

And cyber security professionals are expecting more to come

This year's rental advice tells you to ignore the "For Rent" signs and stay where you are, since moving will cost you

Renters Save By Staying Put

August 3, 2017

People who move more often pay more than those who don’t.

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Most Security Professionals Don’t Trust Cybersecurity Tools

July 28, 2017

And many predict a major cyber attack against the U.S. in the next two years.

Young clever woman during her job and money conversation

Looking For Work? Now’s A Good Time

July 25, 2017

More money and more jobs are on the horizon for those in and out of the market

Man sitting at a laptop typing with one hand, holding a cybersecurity padlock in the other, showing identity theft protection

Half the Internet Harvests Your Personal Data

July 19, 2017

And the companies that have it aren’t protecting it.

Couple on a sailboat are well off but also may not connect American wealth with having a lot of money

Americans Define Wealth in Very Different Ways

July 18, 2017

Think it means being rich? Think again.

Image of an excited man leaving his job who has achieved a work-life balance

Work-Life Balance Is Improving

July 17, 2017

And managers are helping set the example

A young women leans across at table with a residential home blueprint and a piggy bank, savings can make housing costs easier

We’re More Confident About Saving When We Don’t Have Much Saved

July 10, 2017

Despite stashing less than they should, Americans feel comfortable with their retirement savings

credit score on a date

Your Date May Care About Your Credit

July 7, 2017

A bad credit score could make dating more difficult

529 college savings plan

The College Savings Option Everybody Forgets

July 5, 2017

21 years later, 529 plans get no respect — even though they save on taxes, too.

A credit card for kids isn't a bad idea

Just Because You Can Save Your Credit Card Info Doesn’t Mean You Should

July 4, 2017

Most online shoppers do it for convenience, but is it safe?

Is student debt hanging over your head

Employees Stress Over Saving Instead of Working

July 3, 2017

Majority say it has an impact on their ability to get their jobs done

Golden Gate Bridge located in San Francisco, one of the worst places to save money

15 Best and Worst Places to Live If You’re Trying to Save Money

June 30, 2017

Hint: Avoid the west coast and head to middle America.

A pile of marijuana leaves: These interesting statistics about marijuana users in the U.S. in 2017 may shock you

Breaking The Stoner Stereotype 

June 23, 2017

Study shows the typical marijuana smoker works full-time and is educated. 15 percent make over $100,000

Flying pet peeves

Americans Are Spending Less on Vacation This Year

June 22, 2017

And spending less time on vacation away from work

A married business woman places her hand on her face in frustration, uncertain about her debt, budget and finances

Americans Wish They Saved More

June 21, 2017

Not saving enough for retirement is a bigger regret than taking on too much debt

Illustration of social media identity theft

Everyone’s At Risk Of Identity Theft

June 8, 2017

Rich or poor, hackers want your information

Shot of a young businesswoman standing in an office

Women Manage Money Better Than Men

May 16, 2017

Study finds that women are more likely to financially prepare for the future