Eric Olsen

Eric Olsen

Eric Olsen is an attorney with more than forty years of consumer law-related experience.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Eric graduated from the University of Oregon Law School. He founded the area’s largest consumer bankruptcy firm and has filed 40,000 bankruptcies.

Eric counseled with many lower-income senior citizens during this time. Because their income and assets were protected from collectors, he told them bankruptcy was not necessary. But harassing debt collection calls and intimidating demand letters made their lives miserable.

Eric was very familiar with the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. He knew debt collectors could not directly communicate with a person represented by an attorney.

There was no national organization representing the specific needs of the 40 million lower-income American seniors. So Eric left the law firm he founded in 2015 and started Help Eliminate Legal Problems for Seniors, HELPS.

HELPS is a charitable 501 (c) nonprofit law firm that represents seniors and disabled persons ongoing in all 50 states to prevent unwanted collector contact.