Deb Hipp

Deb Hipp

Deb Hipp is a full-time freelance writer based in Kansas City, Mo. Deb went from being unable to get approved for a credit card or loan 20 years ago to having excellent credit today and becoming a homeowner. Deb learned her lessons about money the hard way. Now she wants to share them to help you pay down debt, fix your credit and quit being broke all the time. Deb’s personal finance and credit articles have been published at Credit Karma and The Huffington Post.

Don’t pay divorce costs with a credit card

How to Avoid More Debt During Divorce

Divorces are expensive, however. Paying for a divorce could cost thousands of dollars, with the average cost of divorce in the U.S. running around $15,000, and a divorce that goes to trial costs as much as $20,000 on average, according to personal finance site TheStreet. Around 40% of respondents took on more than $5,000 in debt right […]

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