Brandon Ballenger

Brandon Ballenger

Having more than $10,000 in student loan debt has a way of piquing your interest in personal finance. And because my degree was in English and public communication, I get to share that interest with you. My wide-ranging stories on money and business have run on Business Insider, the Christian Science Monitor, Reader’s Digest, the front pages of and Yahoo! Finance, Money Talks News, and the South Florida Business Journal. In my free time, I like to jump off skyscrapers and play video games.

Kelsey Bell sits in her car with toy snake (illustrated)

Debt and Depression

Experts say there’s a definite relationship between debt and depression. But we don’t like talking about either one.

map of US showing morality rate

Mortality Rates By State

People die more often in states with low average incomes and where more people have debt in collection.

map of average gas prices of US in January

Map Of Average Gas Prices

See what happened to gas prices where you live using data from GasBuddy, AAA, and the federal government.

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