A reader is overwhelmed by all the information out there, so Howard talks to her directly in a video.

Question: Sometimes I hate the Internet. When I search for, “How much do I need to save for retirement,” I get millions of answers — seriously, 210 million search results. I’m not looking for an exact amount right now, I just need some basic advice. Then maybe you can tell me where to go from there.

— Julie in New Hampshire

Howard Dvorkin CPA answers…

Howard Dvorkin on how to get out of debt fastIt’s an irony, isn’t it? It takes a lot of work right now to figure out how to not work much later in life.  Tragically, many Americans are ignoring the issue, which we all know won’t make it go away. In fact, Debt.com has documented three silly ways we’re ruining our retirement savings.

To give you the basic overview you seek, Julie, I recorded this short video…

What to do next

I’m a big fan of online calculators — Debt.com has several to help you manage your debt — so you might want to check out one of the many available for retirement savings. My favorite is Bankrate’s Retirement Calculator.

However, if there’s one lesson I’ve learned in more than two decades of counseling Americans about their money, it’s this: If you’re burdened by credit card debt, saving enough for retirement is nearly impossible. If that describes you, call one of our certified credit counselors at 1-800-810-0989 for a free consultation.


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Howard Dvorkin, CPA

Howard Dvorkin, CPA

CPA and Chairman

Dvorkin is the author of Credit Hell and Power Up and Chairman of Debt.com.

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