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Ask the Expert: Is A “Free Credit Report” Really Free?



Question: You mention all the time about getting your “free” credit report, but when I Google it, I get lots of results that seem sketchy to me — like, which wants to charge me $1 and then enroll me in a “7-day trial membership” for something or other.

Then there’s, which says it’s “the only source for your free credit reports.” But then Credit Karma wants me to get it through them. Help! What do I do?

— Emily in West Virginia

Howard Dvorkin CPA answers…

Here’s a very short answer, followed by a longer explanation of how it got so confusing…

Go to 

Yes, you can go to other places, and some will give you the same information for free. Others will try to sell you other services you probably don’t want and certainly don’t need. However, only the website above is authorized by federal law, and it’s the only one that all three credit bureaus — TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian — cooperate on to give you the crucial data you need.

That last point is important. While many people are aware they can get a free credit report, many more aren’t aware they’re entitled to a free report from each of these bureaus. Many experts, including me, recommend you stagger your free requests, getting one report from each bureau every four months. That way, you’re more likely to catch mistakes before they cause serious damage.

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If you want to know more, Emily, here’s some brief but required reading…

Of course, a credit score is just a number. What really matters is what you can do with it. A good score and a clean report can mean big savings when you look for a car loan or a mortgage. Learn about credit monitoring, and if you have questions, call one of our certified counselors at 1-800-810-0989.

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