Republicans want to help this student loan borrower but Democrats aren't making it easy (illustrated)

Student loan debt has clogged up our financial systems for too long.  Now, Democrats won’t help solve the problem they helped to create.

One bill would change the way we pay for higher education, in a good way. Have we learned nothing? Trust Trump in matters of the wallet, not Twitter.

Do you ever feel like we learned nothing from the subprime mortgage crisis? It was one of the biggest catalysts to the “Great Recession.” Yet, here we stand with a similar debt crisis staring us in the face — and we do nothing.

Obviously, if you have not lived under a rock, you know about the crisis facing college graduates. How does more than $1 trillion worth of debt sound to you? It looks insurmountable.

Guess what?

It is only getting worse. Year in and year out. Millions of college students continue to walk the debt plank.

Ironic isn’t it? Tell a Democrat nothing can be done about climate change and they will spit venom until you throw billions at a “possible” solution.

Tell them there is a pretty surefire solution to the student debt crisis and the rising costs of higher education, and they look at you like a ‘climate truther.’

There is a solution. It is in Congress, sitting on a hopper, ready to be voted on. But Democrats don’t want it. It seems they would rather watch the economy crumble under Trump than upset their elite institutions that pour millions into their campaigns.

You want to save us? Call the Democrats and tell them to let America PROSPER!

What is PROSPER exactly?

Politicians are drawn to acronyms that inspire. What could inspire students more than prosperity through the “Promoting Real Opportunity, Success, and Prosperity through Education Reform” Act? (Yep, otherwise it is a mouthful.)

I can give you the summation.

The bill has a multi-pronged attack on rising costs. First, it hold borrowers responsible. There is a limit what can be borrowed from the Feds. That is important.

Part of the reason we are in this crisis follows from the same logic as the subprime crisis. Loans given to people who buy champagne homes on beer budgets. It is irresponsible. Yet, we allow students to borrow as much as they want to go to their “dream college.”  (Is it that great a dream if it turns into a nightmare after graduation?)

It also forces responsibility onto colleges. If students aren’t repaying loans quickly, the schools will suffer. That could mean taking away the schools’ eligibility for federal loans. Or if students drop out, schools could be forced to pay some of the loans back.

You want the federal dollars? Prove you are preparing students for work.

Universities need to accept responsibility for what they have created. Bachelor’s degrees became close to meaningless during the Great Recession. Whole swaths of students weren’t prepared for life after college.

But, colleges continued to rise in costs.

PROSPER fixes the real problem

If you had a childhood, you probably watched A Pup Named Scooby Doo. (Not as good as the original, but hey — nostalgia.)

In each episode, before they caught the real suspect, Fred usually blamed Red Herring. All evidence would seem to point to Red, except a few key points.

Both the health care crisis and student loan crisis have their own Red Herrings. Democrats seem to think the best solution is to chase them.  In health care they blame the insurance companies. In student loans they blame the lenders.

Yes, they both deserve a seat at the table of the Blame Game. But the actual suspects in these crimes are the institutions. Both hogs got fat on the middle men.

The solution isn’t to have government pay off the student loans. That doesn’t fix the problem! Colleges, like health care providers, see that as easy money; then come the price hikes.

The endless money ride has to end for schools to bring prices down.

Think of the irony. Certain colleges offered students a “safe space” when they felt their feelings got hurt by outside issues. (i.e. Trump election.) But, as soon as those kids graduated there is no safe space. No college turned their million-dollar endowments into a life raft for students drowning in debt.

Get over it kid, they seemed to say.

Now is the time to say to higher education: ‘No, you get over yourself!’ No college is worth $60,000 a year. Unless they can promise a graduate a job that pays double their yearly tuition.

Turn to your congressmen and congresswomen and ask them to vote on the PROSPER Act.

We need to Make Higher Education Great Again, and affordable.

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Article last modified on June 28, 2018. Published by, LLC .