Workers cheer for Trump's manufacturing job growth (illustrated)

Do you remember those first weeks after the 2016 presidential election? There was the absolute absurdity of the tears that flowed from the left. It was the cry of spilt milk across the blue states. Then they would cast their judging eyes over to the Midwest and laugh at the irony of working class people voting for a family-made billionaire.

What was the first thing President-elect Trump did? He didn’t pontificate about being on the “right side of history.” He didn’t make glamourous empty speeches to run on The Daily Show. He went to work.

Remember? He made a Carrier plant in Indiana his focus. The jobs were set to go south of the border, but he stepped in and saved them.

The critics were intensely skeptical about the number of jobs saved and what role Trump played. But the tone was set, America.

From Day One President Trump had a goal that was good for all of America: rebuild the manufacturing economy. He is doing just that. You can scoff all you want, but numbers don’t lie.

Check it, did he keep that promise?

This report from CNBC (of all places…) shows the goods that Trump has delivered. Let’s go back to the month he was elected President.

It was November 2016 (as mentioned above) and there were roughly 12,350,000 manufacturing workers left in the United States. Still, well below the 2008 numbers. In 8 years President Obama barely moved the needle for factory workers. That used to be Democrats’ bread and butter!

Flash forward to March 2018 — no fake news here — the manufacturing sector has added close to 300,000 jobs. Even more interesting is that the momentum has not stopped.

March job numbers didn’t look great to the mainstream media. But, tell Blue Collar America it wasn’t a good month. The month roared out like a lion, with 22,000 jobs added in 31 days.

It’s a crazy turn of events, isn’t it? A Republican battling hard for the worker. A Republican pushing factory work to the forefront. Reaganites don’t know what to do because the economy is humming, but the party of Ronnie Reagan is trying to protect workers.

In that same article a financial expert pointed out one of the root causes: the corporate tax cut. An idea that Donald Trump pushed from the campaign trail all the way to the White House. It’s a strategy he beat down no matter how much pushback he got the the politicians made in petri dishes at the  Center for American Progress and the Heritage Foundation.

Trumponomics explained

No matter how this plays out, at some point in the 21st century a college will teach a lesson or course on Trump’s economy. It is a fascinating study in misdirection, free market, and economic nationalism.

The constant stream of absurd tweets ranging from insulting Rosie O’Donnell to arguing with North Korea keeps everyone focused on superficial issues. The Democrats barely have enough time to mount a strike against legislation because they are too busy responding to inane tweets about Stormy Daniel’s attorney.

When no one was watching, he passed the tax bill through. A bill that gave doubly to middle America. First, they got a few grand back in their pockets. Then companies started to loosen their wallets and more jobs got added.

That is an oversimplification, but in the broad stroke the tax plan woke up corporate America. Guess who controls the factories? The corporations, man.

Keep following the trend and you will see how economic tariffs play into the plan.

When you rebuild the manufacturing base, you have to account for what took away the jobs in the first place: cheap overseas labor.

The tariffs against China will cause a disruption. But, the bigger problem is overseas companies using stolen American patented technology to produce products to sell here at a cheaper price. As a consumer you can root for it, but understand that is a major reason why factory workers lost their jobs.

Once you get the jobs back, you have to keep them.

You can say he didn’t deliver on The Wall, or Repeal and Replace, or a number of campaign promises. (There is still time.)

But from Day One, Trump made the workers his priority. Through a series of executive tricks and legislative successes, he has delivered on that promise. Trumponomics is the new Art of the Deal.

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Article last modified on July 30, 2018. Published by, LLC .