Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh (illustrated)
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Brett Kavanaugh, the man Donald Trump tapped to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, is a win-win for America. He is a moderate conservative with a history of seeing through the bureaucratic bull that Democrats routinely sell America.

In the next chapter of the U.S. economy, Kavanaugh will help chart a course to bring some of the government overreach back to Earth. That will start with the end of the unchecked and redundant power of the Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau. The result will be a greater environment for wages to run free.

This month President Trump, in a primetime TV spot, revealed his choice for the Supreme Court: Brett Kavanaugh. Judge Kavanaugh is a moderate conservative judge from the D.C. Court of Appeals. Despite what Democrats will claim, he doesn’t seem to hold to rigid conservative beliefs.

But he is a party-line conservative on one set of issues: business.

That is what we need going forward. If this economy is going to prosper, some of the superfluous, feel-good creations of the Obama administration need to be cut.

Kavanaugh is the type of mind we need to sit on the Supreme Court for the next 40 years. Conservative at business, open to change on the social end. It is truly the only dichotomy that can keep America healthy and happy.

How do you know he is good for business?

That is because he already took a gavel-sized swing at one of the worst creations under the Obama administration, one of my biggest targets: the CFPB.

I’ve written time and again about the gigantic waste of money and resources of the agency. It is an unchecked power that exercises the same kind of powers as the SEC, the Trade Commission, and the Federal Reserve.

In this article from CNBC, which is supposed to make his views seem like a bad thing, it perfectly outlines Kavanaugh’s view of the CFPB.

Judge Kavanaugh saw the agency as a bureau where one man has the power that rivals even the president. The person in charge of hunting down fraud has no oversight? Who do they have to answer to?

Guess what? We actually have evidence from Trump’s current CFPB head that Kavanaugh isn’t wrong. The head of the agency doesn’t have to answer to anyone. Not voters. Not Congress. Not even Trump.

Bottom line, liberals fear that Kavanaugh will be pro-business. I would argue at times, when the economy is rising, that is a good thing. Recessions are always followed by massive over-regulation, that can lead to sputtering growth afterward.

So this is a good thing?


Brett Kavanaugh is the next piece in the economic puzzle. If Justice Kennedy can’t stick around, you need a guy like Kavanaugh.

The bottom line is government oversight has become redundant. There have been multiple agencies doing the same jobs. That alone is a waste of taxpayer dollars.

On top of that, the banking and finance regulations haven’t done anything to really protect us. The large majority of the banks that brought about the financial crisis no longer exist.

The only banks suffering from the added layers of regulation are small and community banks.

Instead of forcing big banks to own up to their practices, the regulations simply wiped out the big banks’ small market competitors.

This is what happens when government overreach is unchecked. You have unintended consequences. I am sure no one meant to destroy small-town America’s banks. But it happened. It was a direct result of the bureaucracy.

As the economy ramps up, we begin the process of deregulation. It is not always a dirty word. Just dirty to the Left.

This is why liberals and conservatives need each other. Liberals dream up the best way to fix a problem. Conservatives do a great job of simplifying that solution and keeping the machine running.

When it breaks (the economy) as it always does, it will be up to the Left to fix it. Then it will be up to Right to get rid of the unnecessary restraints and let it fly again. If you don’t believe me, look at the ebb and flow of economic history.

We need common sense to monitor the government. Brett Kavanaugh is the perfect moderate candidate to check that power.

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Article last modified on August 3, 2018. Published by, LLC .