Donald Trump gloats about the tax plan (illustrated)
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This is the part where I say: I told you so. Here. There. Everywhere.

I’ve spent months touting this tax plan and how it will help the American worker. The left has cried, “It’s a tax hike on the middle class!” It wasn’t. “It’ll hurt growth,” they screamed.  It hasn’t.

The tax plan has dropped bonuses on workers. It has raised retirement contributions. It has done just about everything, except give you a new job. If you are still a skeptic, maybe you read too many left-leaning news outlets.

The good news is this is just the beginning.  The American economy can’t go straight up forever, but it can chart an upward course thanks to the tax plan. It appears that finally people are taking notice. They may begin ignoring the false cries from the left and start thinking for themselves. Rather, thinking with their wallets and not their hearts. N

ew data shows paychecks are up and dragging confidence up with it.

Across the board we will make more

A survey done last month showed that across the board Americans will see an average of $130 in each paycheck.

Please scoff at that. Tell me how that isn’t enough money to matter. That argument is old and tired. By that logic we would have never advanced beyond covered wagons because, you know, it’s not a car. We’ll wait till somebody makes a car. Everything in life is an evolution, especially wage increases.

I did the math, so you don’t have to: It’s roughly $3000 more a year. If this doesn’t make you happy, nothing will.  

I want to point out why Trump is to thank for this. The Republican tax plan did this. This increase is solely from loosening the tax reins on individuals. This is how government can work for you.

The other part of the legislation is meant to act as a carrot to corporations to invest in America and its workers.  In one hand, you have Trump pulling the IRS back to let you keep more of WHAT YOU EARNED. (That had to be in caps.) In the other hand, he has an incentive for businesses to contribute to worker’s retirement plans, wages, and bonuses.

If you’re still in the group pouting at the tax bill because Chuck Schumer told you to, remember Schumer lives in a state that gives federal tax breaks because their state taxes are so high.

America is taking notice, slowly

The electorate is a fickle, slow moving mass. They sway in one direction because of tweets, then take months to sway back for actual meaningful government work. That same survey showed Americans are begrudgingly coming around.

In one set of questions, 50 percent said the tax bill made them feel more confident in President Trump. That’s not how CNN would paint his economic work.  More than 60 percent said they feel the tax bill strengthens the economy. Where is the headline on MSNBC for that one?

The fact is Americans will get more money in paychecks. That makes Americans happy. How does this trickle down? It’s what they said they would do with the money that strengthens the economy.

Off the bat, 35 percent said they would pay down debt. You don’t need to be an economist to know that paying down debt is essential for economic strength.

The rest of the polled Americans said they will save and invest it. That’s also a sign of an America still waking up from 8 years of stagnant wage growth and an up and down economy. It will take time for that to come up.

I love the part where I get to gloat. This tax law won’t keep the American economy rising forever. That’s impossible. The economy is littered with bad business owners and no amount of regulation can stop them from messing up and losing people’s jobs. That’s just humanity.

This tax law doesn’t make recession impossible. If a Democrat tells you it will result in a recession, kindly point out recessions happen nearly every decade. Somehow the next recession will be linked to this. Bet on it.

This law is doing something we haven’t seen in years. It’s creating a system of incentives to work in America or to build in America. Yes, millionaires will win, but you will too. Some of you already noticed.

Consumer confidence in President Trump is rising. When the presidential approval ratings rise, it will only prove a point I have made for years: America votes with its wallet.

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Article last modified on July 19, 2018. Published by, LLC .