Health Secretary Alex Azar smashes prescription drug prices
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This year, President Trump brought down the hammer on pharmaceutical companies. He did it in a way no president has before, and that’s why his strategy might work: Speak loudly, carry a soft stick.

Trump announced in early May proposals to bring down the cost of prescription drugs. It is the long awaited response to the soaring cost of pharmaceuticals. Just another campaign promise he is planning on delivering to Americans, whether they voted for him or not.

Here are some rough facts around Big Pharma. Since 2003, drug companies have ramped up their campaign contributions to a slimy degree. In the past, the majority of their contributions have gone to Republican candidates.

Well, except for those formative years of Obamacare. Then the money went overwhelmingly to the Democratic Party. What was the result? The highest drug prices in the history of our country. Affordable Care Act, my Democrat. (Or ass, get it?)

Since then the numbers have gone closer to 50-50. But, it is appalling that our Savior Obama could sell a nation on looking out for the little guy, when his results only show up for Big Pharma.

Ironically, the man who Democrats claim is out of touch with the average American is the one with a proposal to lower pharmaceutical costs.

What is the plan?

Trump is the anti-Teddy Roosevelt. His rhetoric is aggressive, but he does it to put his opponents on notice. Then he comes in with a compromise. Speak loudly, carry a soft stick.

In this day and age people are focused more on words than actions. If you don’t believe me, seriously, go over the Obamacare pitch again. (“You can keep your doctor.” No. No you can’t, but nobody cared.)

This President came out of the gate firing at one of the most powerful lobbies on K-Street. He called the system a “rip-off.” He aimed his crosshairs at the entire system.

But he is smart. Smarter than you think.

None of his proposals are aimed at regulation. The minute you aim regulation at an industry, they aim their money at congressional campaigns to vote out your allies. That is reality.

Instead, he pointed the cannon at more practical means to use the marketplace to drag down prices.

Essentially the plan is to creative incentives for drug makers to bring down prices. The government can chip in by freeing up insurance companies to negotiate better with drug companies. (Also, why was that ever not allowed?!)

Trump wants pharmacists to be able to suggest cheaper options to patients; something they aren’t allowed to do right now. Just another example of how infected our laws are with Big Pharma dollars.

These are things that the “Affordable Care Act” never addressed. I wanna keep the law in quotations because it is a bigger farce than what Democrats, incorrectly, claim of Trump’s tax law.

How can this work?

One thing we forget about Washington D.C. is that somewhere between a rally point and the law is compromise. The compromise comes from lobbying groups through their politicians.

If you alienate the lobby groups, nothing happens. For all the Bernie Blaze of 2016, the fact is that just isn’t how our system works anymore. Yes, it sucks. (It’ll suck more when you realize that the Food Stamp lobby isn’t run by altruistic humans, but Pepsi.)

This President knows that you have to work with the lobbies to get them to bend. The only way powerful rich people respond is competition. When your force them to compete, they will work to get prices lower. Why was Walmart such a success? How about Amazon? Prices, people.

The same should be said of the pharmaceutical industry. But you could never get price controls through Congress. Lawmakers have too much to lose. The government can’t front the bills, we could never afford it.

So what do you do?

You use the current law systems to allow for more free market competition. You threaten Big Pharma to the table, then you negotiate. People respond to rhetoric. Negatively or positively, it gets a reaction.

In this case it is the only feasible option. When making a deal you start on one extreme and work your way to the center. People are shocked when Trump gives ground on these deals.

It is called a compromise. This is how it works behind closed doors in D.C.

Only Trump does his work out in the open. Instead of with competing lobby firms on both sides. Big Pharma’s lobby is on one end of the table and our lobbyist, Donald Trump, is on the other.

Game on.

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Article last modified on July 19, 2018. Published by, LLC .