Donald Trump talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping
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The US and China trade war will not be what you might see in an action-packed comic movie.

I used to have dozens of Marvel Comics action figures. I would go to Toys ‘R’ Us (RIP) and splurge on enough characters to recreate the Infinity War.

There was Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, I could go on for days. I would stretch my $5 a week allowance as far as it would go. I noticed something one day on their feet.

“Made in China.” What? I thought all things in the United States were “Made in America?” It was my first introduction to globalization. Why were my Marvel heroes made there? Not because there was some secret special lab that gave them superpowers. It was cheaper.

How fitting is it that in the same month where Marvel released the classic story of a seemingly unwinnable war with the villain Thanos, our country embarks on its own impossible war?

It is one we too can win. As Americans who grew up in relative prosperity, we have forgotten that economic strength is won, not handed over.

Luckily, our President knows that and he could be on the verge of bringing China to heel.  If you think beyond the temporary consumer price hikes, you can see the long-term benefits of Trump’s work.

Why would Trump fight with China?

Did you know that we have a more than $300 billion trade deficit with China? In simple terms, what we import from China vastly outpaces what they import from us. It has killed millions of jobs in a way that technology never could.

In the past, Democrats have tried to appease the giant that is China. Take what we can get. Try to focus on changing some of their “mercantilism” policies. Still, more than 30 years later Chinese factories have done more than just make my Marvel heroes. No one can stop them.

If our country is going to have a fighting chance, we need to put up some sort of fight.

That is where the tariffs came in. The wailing and gnashing of teeth began. First, with American consumers, then eventually with the Chinese companies who threatened to bite back.

Then the Chinese government came to the table.

Word on the street is, after the last negotiation, China is ready to bargain. They have indicated they may be open to purchasing more US goods. Be cynical. But, this could be a breakthrough.

What is Trump’s demand? China slashes the trade deficit in more than a half. From $370 billion to $170 billion. That would be a huge boom for the US economy. In a time when the economy is moving quickly-it could only force it higher.

So what does that mean? Early indicators point to China buying more airplanes, food, and cars from the United States. Each of those are industries that suffer at the hands of foreign workers (not domestic foreign workers).

How do we get there?

There are no guarantees this will be an easy win. There are no guarantees there will be a win. But, that is not a reason not to fight. Besides, Trump has some tricks up his sleeve.

Perhaps you have heard of Chinese cell phone manufacturer ZTE? You might also know about the multi-billion dollar fine and sanctions leveled against them.

Trump has already conceded to look at the sanctions against ZTE. It is a major concession that could allow China to save face at the trade war peace table.

This is an obvious play because, since the tweets from Trump about ZTE, Chinese officials have signaled that they want to play ball.

It always strikes me as odd that the media and politicians see a move like this and say, “What is Trump thinking?” Isn’t it obvious? Trade negotiations, foreign policy, even domestic agendas aren’t driven by hard lines. They get somewhere by giving a little. The world is based on compromise. What ZTE did was wrong. But if they can be used to get US trade back on par with China, do they need to be taught a lesson?

I understand the trade war concerns. Prices of goods will go up. That is a definite. Ironic, how liberals scream about the prices going up but aren’t concerned about the slave labor that allowed the goods to be so cheap.

If Trump can bring the trade deficit down, even a little, it adds another component of growth to this economy. If we want to become a strong economic entity for our children it starts with some sacrifice right now.

At times it will appear bleak.

Which brings me back to my Marvel heroes. I don’t wanna ruin the plot of the Infinity War, but at one point it seems the universe is doomed. There is no way to overcome Thanos’ power.

But, they don’t give up. They find a way through the slimmest of margins to save the day.

I just wish when I was done reenacting the story, the action figures had, “Made in America” stamped on their feet.

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Article last modified on July 17, 2018. Published by, LLC .