A small business owner prays to his Trump shrine in the closet (illustrated)

One sweeping look of mainstream polling would have you believe that no one in America wants Donald J. Trump to be president anymore.

However, if you break down the numbers, you may see a large swath of America believes in him; in fact, they may be your own employers. Let the Stormy Daniels rage and the White House misbehave, Trump is finally getting traction where he said he would: small businesses.

Did you know there are 27.9 million small businesses in America? I didn’t. I found that here. The numbers are a few years old, but almost 64 percent of us work for small businesses. Whether we like it or not, our livelihood is dependent on how they do.

It’s easy to lob jabs at the corporate fat cats, but they give us work. And many of them aren’t fat cats at all. Just small business owners trying to stay afloat in the economic sea.

When polled last year, small business confidence wasn’t exactly soaring. However, one year later with 12 months of Trumpism under their belts, the tune is changing and fast. You may right now be working for an owner who has a secret shrine to Donald in the broom closet. (That’s not meant to be literal, but who knows?)

This next year could solidify Trump as the people’s president, even if very few will lay claim to him in public.

Support growing for economy

During the 2016 campaign Trump made massive overtures to the businessmen (and women) of America on improving the economy. You’ll read other places that voters were confident in the Obama economy, but in the case of the American business owners, they were not.

Polls from 2015 showed that only 20 percent of the small business owners felt the economy improved in six months. That rose to 43 percent by 2016. However, this year it went over the top.

More than 50 percent of small business owners feel this economy has improved from six months ago. Everywhere from main street to small cap businesses believe that the economy has improved month by month under Trump.

If you don’t buy that study, market analysts use another index to trace optimism among the small business community. That study showed optimism at the second highest level in 45 years. Imagine everything that has happened in that time — and small businesses mark this as the second best time in half a century.

The reasons behind it are important. Businesses had their biggest inventory investment since 2000. Sales prospects are up. Oh, and the economy is improving. If the bosses are happy, whether you want to admit it or not, that can make your life better.

Why are they so happy?

Here’s the part of the studies I feel like we never delve into in articles: the stories behind the numbers. Why are small businesses laying support at the feet of the president?

One of the bigger points that come from the optimism study, is that Trump’s protectionist ways are helpful to them.

We hear so much about how economic nationalism is bad for the world economy. It is. However, that doesn’t mean it is bad for everyone. The people most helped by tariffs and trade wars are small businesses. Larger companies deal through the economic waters of the globe — small businesses do not.

To them, the president is protecting their interests. The people most concerned with globalist ambitions tend to be investors. That’s why this idea is so un-Republican.

However, perhaps the biggest signal to small businesses came from that tax cut. The one I cannot write enough about. The one where Democrats point to the rising debt as though they are the party of fiscal responsibility. You know, the one that will give you an extra $3,000 this year?

Well, small business owners and CEOs saw their corporate tax dropped from 35 percent to 21 percent. That was huge. Democrats and the left media can point to how this helps big corporations, but it helps the little guy too. At 27 million companies, there are more of them. When they succeed we can too.

I’ve spoken with small business owners who have, maybe, 10 employees and they are ecstatic about the tax bill. They live in some of the bluest states in America and saw this as the only relief they will get.

This tax cut boosted small business confidence like you wouldn’t believe — and some people still can’t believe it.

That’s OK. It will take time, but the slow Trump economic takeover is taking hold. A few more years of this and we may all begrudgingly offer him our support economically — while shuddering at his Twitter account.

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Article last modified on July 30, 2018. Published by Debt.com, LLC .