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A choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has a lot of people thinking about their own untimely demise.

So says the life insurance company Haven Life, in a new poll of 538 Americans. Yes, just like the number of people in the Electoral College that will soon formally choose our president. The study also has Ryan Gosling references.

It does take its own business seriously, though. The big takeaway: More people feel the need for a major life insurance policy if Trump wins. Just under a quarter said they would go for $500,000 or more in coverage if Clinton was elected, while the thought of Trump prompted 34 percent to plan for trouble. More than a third said the election itself was enough reason to think about life insurance.

Haven also asked which candidate people trust to manage their money. Clinton was the clear winner there, with 45 percent to Trump’s 32 percent. Another 14 percent said Gary Johnson, while 6 percent said Evan McMullin, a third-party candidate only getting much recognition in Utah. That leaves a paltry 3 percent they didn’t explain — sorry, Jill Stein.

Then there are the lighter conclusions…

Finally, for the first presidential election where most Americans own a smartphone, Haven asked which emoji people would vote with. The heavy sigh face won with 40 percent, followed by the grimace at 21 percent and the plane emoji at 17 percent. We’re a little surprised the fire emoji didn’t rank up there, given the sales of the Giant Meteor 2016 bumper sticker.