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It’s no secret that millions around the US are drowning in student debt, and it’s one of the few issues that consistently crosses partisan lines.

poll by Young Invincibles reported that 61 percent of millennials say that student debt will be a major influencer in determining who they support in the upcoming election. What’s more, over 8 in 10 ( 81 percent) say that state funding should be increased for higher education.

With millennials now the largest generation in the United States, their vote holds more power than ever before. The graphic below illustrates how the presidential candidates have so far addressed the student debt issues that just may determine the presidency…

candidates on student loan debt

What happens next

It can be expected — or at least hoped — that more concrete plans will emerge from both candidates as we get closer to Election Day. One thing’s for certain — with student debt skyrocketing to over $1.1 trillion, this isn’t a topic that’s going to disappear any time soon.

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Article last modified on March 3, 2017. Published by Debt.com, LLC .