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Liberal pundits have long suggested President Obama created President Trump — because the former incited racists to vote for the latter.

I believe Obama begat Trump, but not for that reason. I do believe Trump intentionally courted racists, who were appalled that the greatest nation on earth was led for eight years by a, well, you know.

But thankfully, there aren’t enough racists in the United States to propel a candidate to victory. That voting bloc can no longer win electoral votes. The last time was 1968, when independent George Wallace won five Deep South states.

Instead, blame Obama because he beat Hillary.

In 2008, Clinton was supposed to win. She was ahead in the polls until Feb. 12, nine months before Election Day. She never regained her lead after that.

Imagine what would’ve happened if Clinton had prevailed…

So every time Trump does something cringe-worthy, all I can think is, “Dammit, Obama.”