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I am a child of the recession, I proudly wear it.

I vacillate over whether or not to spend $10 on a meal. I save money for up to two years before buying a large-ticket item. (Even then I try to use my tax refund.) I have worn contacts well past the expiration date.

Younger people call me cheap and negative. I am both — for good reason.

I finished my school days in the middle of ‘Hope’ and found very little ‘Change.’ My friends and I used to dream about a job where we had benefits, retirement, and a living wage. It took us the better part of a decade to find a job that paid above $25,000.

So yeah, I am paranoid about money. I hoard it, I stockpile it. I bury it in backyards across the country.

I sit on my porch and warn the “youngin’s” about preparing for a future economic downtown. You know what? They don’t listen.

They hate Trump because of what he tweets. C’mon. Why not thank him for the economy he has helped send into hyperdrive?

If you look at the numbers, it is hard to argue. Job numbers are — to borrow his word — tremendous. If you don’t believe me, look at the May employment numbers.

You get a job, and you get a job, and you…

In May, the job market hit a new 18-year high, in a way. Unemployment dropped to 3.8 percent.

It’s not the lowest in history. Despite what the “mainstream media” writes, Trump didn’t claim that. (We get it: He is prone to hyperbole. Why don’t they get it?)

However, to see unemployment come down this far warms my heart. In 2009, the rate rose to 10 percent. Think about that. One in 10 Americans didn’t have a job!

A decade later, the job market doesn’t even look the same. It’s like a tale of two countries.

Consider this number: 6.7 million. That is the number of job openings right now.

Contrast that with: 6.6 million. That is the number of unemployed workers.

Full disclosure, I got a C in Microeconomics. But, even I can see this fact: There are more jobs than unemployed workers.

For the first time in my working life — there is an open door on the job market for everyone who wants to work.

Not every job open is a six-figure cakewalk. (Very few are.) But each job is an opportunity for a career. That is four million more opportunities than 10 percent of us got in 2009.

Here’s the part where you thank Trump

You could chalk it up to the Obama-era policies paying off. But, that’s a cheap story with very little historic precedent.

The last recession that cut this deep was just before the Reagan administration. Within three years, fiscal policies from Reagan brought the economy back to life.

President Obama had eight years to resurrect the economy. Instead of focusing on the private side of the economy, his administration chose to focus on social programs and issues. They make us all feel nice, but they accomplish very little.

In his first year-and-a-half, President Trump focused on the shackles that keep the economy from soaring.

He tackled the banking regulations that restrict small businesses from borrowing. His administration has lowered corporate taxes in a way that incentivizes reinvestment in corporations’ employees. He is waging war with the world to keep jobs in America.

He has become the biggest cheerleader for American jobs. Guess what? That is part of the job.

Presidents are the figurehead of a nation. They do not develop laws or create legislation. But, they champion laws they want and put on the public face of our nation.

At times, I get it, it is tough to read his tweets. When they stray from economics, it’s troubling at best.

However, when you look at the work Trump has done for American workers since his election, it is astounding. He has delivered the ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ that President Obama could only pontificate about.

I once applied to 150 jobs in a month in the middle of the Great Recession. I heard back from four and was hired by one, eight months later. That job paid $20,000 a year. A younger me is green with envy of the current college graduates.

This may not be the president they wanted, but he is the one they need.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go bury some more money in the backyard. Old habits die hard.

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Article last modified on June 14, 2018. Published by, LLC .