Donald Trump's jobs record isn't great, so he's pressing every jobs button he can (illustrated)

When Donald Trump’s first monthly jobs report came out, I said to ignore the jeers and the cheers. Two reasons…

  1. The monthly snapshot is highly misleading.
  2. Nobody gets credit or blame for how they step across the starting line.

Instead, I argued…

The way to judge Trump’s success isn’t whether he meets an arbitrary (and pretty unrealistic) number. It’s to look at the trend of job growth over time, just like the chart above does with Obama. Probably every six months is a reasonable time frame to evaluate his progress, but certainly not every time a jobs report comes out.

So, it’s time to check in on “the greatest jobs president God ever created,” the guy who randomly appends “JOBS!” to his tweets, the jobber-in-chief. Here’s what we’ve got…

Our amazing job growth, according to Trump

Donald Trump promised 25 million jobs in 10 years, meaning he has to turn out an average 2.5 million jobs a year. So far, we’ve got

  • February 2017: 232,000 jobs
  • March: 50,000
  • April: 207,000
  • May: 145,000
  • June: 231,000
  • July 209,000

That adds up to… drumroll, please… 1.07 million jobs.

At that rate, in 10 years, 21.5 million jobs will have been added — or just 86 percent of what Trump promised. Seems a little slow, especially considering there didn’t end up being a “Trump bump,” where businesses went on a hiring spree thanks to Trump’s promises of deregulation and tax cuts.

In fact, once businesses had a chance to react to the first month of the Trump administration, March had markedly lower job growth — the second-lowest in almost four years. And here’s another sad fact for Trump: Obama made more jobs heading out the door. His last six months, the economy added…

  • August 2016: 176,000 jobs
  • September: 249,000
  • October: 124,000
  • November: 164,000
  • December: 155,000
  • January 2017: 216,000

That’s 1.08 million. Trump has failed to move the needle, even though jobs (and the wall) have been his primary goal. Nonetheless, he keeps complaining the media isn’t giving him credit:

As The Los Angeles Times pointed out last month, we’re actually on track to have our slowest job growth year in seven years, despite Trump recently saying the economy “is starting to come back, and very, very rapidly.” Nope. It’s pretty much the same as it was before you got here.

It’s no surprise. Things that might actually shake up the economy — for better or worse — like tax reform and renegotiation of NAFTA haven’t gone anywhere. The Trump administration seems to suffer from a chronic lack of focus and expertise. It remains one of the most poorly staffed administrations in recent history, and it sure doesn’t help that his top business advisers keep quitting.

As I’ve said before, we should consider ourselves lucky that one man can’t wreck our country, no matter how many believe Obama did so.

What about all the specific jobs Trump said he was responsible for?

Do you mean the 3,000 Intel jobs the company planned to create since 2011? The 20,000 Charter Communications promised in 2015? The 8,500 Ford promised to create or retain thanks to union negotiations in 2015? These all predate Trump, and are drops in the bucket besides.

While Trump likes to pretend every conversation he has at a business or with an executive magically creates jobs, they don’t come out of thin air — they’re the result of years of planning and infrastructure development that generally has nothing to do with whoever is president at the time.

That’s why presidents usually don’t personally take credit for jobs. If anything, they brag obliquely that the economy is doing well, that we’re growing together.

Or maybe you’re thinking of the 45,000 mining jobs “we picked up in a very short period of time,” according to Trump last month? Actually, only 800 jobs have been added this year to the little more than 50,000 in the U.S. already, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

These are just a handful of examples: Fortune has a great ongoing tally of all the misleading job creation Trump has taken credit for or just plain made up. The job Trump can most accurately take credit for creating is fact-checker.

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Article last modified on August 31, 2018. Published by, LLC .