Illustration of President Trump hoisted up on his followers' shoulders, while Hillary Clinton looks up at him.

Turn to any media outlet and you get the feeling it has been a rough few months. Between the immigrant family separations at the border and the tariffs, you would think our great experiment is falling apart.

Before you slap the epitaph on the United States’ grave listen to the people. More Americans believe the country is still better off with Donald Trump. When asked their reasons, people point to the one place that matters: their wallets.

When I was slightly nerdier, (okay, not by much), I read comic books by the boatload. I mostly stuck to Marvel Comics. I was enamored with their story lines. Marvel would always come out with a series of, “What If…” comic books.

The writers would take seminal moments in Marvel history and turn them on their head. “What if Spiderman joined the Fantastic Four?” “What if the Punisher became Captain America?”  “What if Dark Phoenix fell for Wolverine instead of Cyclops?”

That last one used to make me think. In the comic, the simple change of paramore causes the universe to be destroyed. In the blink of an eye, everything ceases to exist.

That plot seems applicable these days based on the liberal hysteria. So it begs the question: What if Hillary Clinton had defeated Donald Trump? Would America be moving in the right direction?

The answer from voters has been a resounding: No. All the evidence points to the work President Trump has done with the economy. You may hate what he says, or how he says it, but most Americans agree: life wouldn’t be better with Hillary.

Don’t take my word for it, ask the polls

If we were not a poll-centric nation before 2016, we are now. Everyday Trump or his opponents point out approval ratings, the good or bad. This month polling firm Rasmussen Reports decided to see if the populace had buyer’s remorse from 2016.

The quick answer, 47 percent of Americans said no, with 13 percent undecided. Only 40 percent of Americans wish Hillary had won.

The long of it is Americans voted for Trump because he is giving them what they wanted. Voters wanted less focus on social issues and more on improving the economy.

Humans always want their peers to feel good, but not at the cost of their wallets. Policies from the Obama administration worked toward helping everyone’s’ feelings. However, very little emphasis was made on getting more money back to the vast majority of Americans.

During Trump’s first year and a half, we have seen tangible dollars given back to voters.

In another poll 49 percent of Americans believe the president is doing an excellent job of handling the economy.

Since the economy is doing well, consumer confidence hasn’t been higher in years. People feel good about Trump in the economic driver seat. So they are spending more money. Consumers spend more money, more jobs get created. Do you see where this circle is headed?

In a Trump-less world would things have been that way? Would Hillary have inspired mass spending? Would she have put American jobs at the front of her agenda?

Most Americans seem to say no. People voted for Trump because they wanted the economy they remembered from 80s and 90s. It looks like they have no buyer’s remorse.

Numbers behind the polls

You could chalk the entire poll up to Americans receiving misinformation. President Trump tweets and talks, a lot. Maybe, the vast majority of the electorate buys into it and we are all sheeple.

Don’t get down on your fellow Americans like that.

These numbers aren’t an aberration.  They are a byproduct of healthy economic signs. Take a look at the GDP. You can’t make that up. Or the unemployment numbers. Look at the consumer spending.  Everything is up.

At a certain point you will have to admit President Trump is leading America into another Golden Age of prosperity. This isn’t Obama’s economy. It has a momentum and growth we have not seen since the Clinton years, ironically. (Besides, liberals blamed the post-election brief economic tank on Trump. Shouldn’t this burst also be his fault?)

This isn’t just a “rah-rah” article. Look at your 401k or toggle with your take-home pay. It is more than it was four years ago.  The American economy was coasting through the last few years of President Obama.

This economy is cruising and it has potential to create more winners than losers.

You know why the sales of “What If” comics weren’t high? No one cares about possibilities.No one cares about what Hillary might have done.

They only care about “What Is.” This economy IS something special.

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Article last modified on December 19, 2018. Published by, LLC .