This week: One makes you smarter, another sleepier.

92 percent

Americans who believe pizza “should be eaten with your hands rather than with a fork and a knife,” according to Cumberland Farms. Also, “78 percent saying they eat their slice from end to crust.”

21 percent

Americans who drink tea to “enhance their sleep quality,” according to Sleep Cycle. That topped the list — and tied for second at 14 percent were “milk and cookies” and “marijuana.”

15.4 hours

The average total hours it takes a baker to make “a single wedding cake,”  according to The Knot. “Bakers spend an average of 26.8 minutes crafting each decorative sugar flower” on the cake.

5 points

How much higher the IQ is for “children who eat seafood regularly” compared to “their counterparts whose diets are seafood sparse,” according to the Fulton Fish Market. “These kids also sleep better too,” according to the study.

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