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By the Numbers: Going To Work

82 percent

Employees who “would be comfortable reporting to a manager who’s younger than they are,” according to OfficeTeam. Meanwhile, “91 percent wouldn’t mind supervising employees older than themselves.”

60 minutes

How long 40 percent of office workers spend booking conference rooms and rounding up attendees for meetings, according to Senion. With 150 million employees in this country, “that translates into some staggering 160 million days every year wasted.”

40 percent

Employees who “have called in sick in the last 12 months when they weren’t,” according to CareerBuilder. Conversely, “Over a third of workers have come to the office sick instead of staying home, so they can save sick days for when they’re feeling well.”

34 percent

Job candidates who, when they feel they had a “bad experience” during the interview, “urge their friends and family members to stop being a customer,” according to Korn Ferry. What irks these folks most? “Not hearing back from the recruiter or hiring manager.”